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    I first saw Jenny around maybe 7 years ago when she worked from a tiny flat in Soho on Rupert street above what is now a massage parlor/spa called White Lily I think.
    Then I spotted her ad on gumtree amongst the other massage ads which are my preference.I have found this to be a much better way of doing things, usually paying around £50 an hour for a massage with a chance maybe of more on offer than committing to £150 and then find out I really don't click with that person.
    The flat was tiny and very dark indeed but Jenny was charming.There was a massage table in the room and not room for much else.The plus of this was that Jenny did the massage from on the table which meant she was extremely close at all times.Being the first time I had seen her and the darkness of the room and the closeness of her throughout the massage led this to be one of the most sensual experiences I have had, and still to this day not beaten.After I left I walked around Soho for a few minutes and then rang her back and booked another hour straight away.I saw Jenny many times here.
    Then she moved to her current place which is very close to Tottenham Court Road station which is slightly more spacious.
    Jenny's transformation over the years has been amazing.She takes hormones now and is much softer looking.She looks very feminine indeed now.A beautiful girl.
    She did work with her friend Vicki.I haven't visited for awhile so don't know if this is still the case.I saw Vicki once and we didn't really hit it off but I think she has changed a lot as well.I had 4 hands once with them which was good fun and once an experience with Jenny and a friend which was amazing

  • Kanya(Thai) at Rupert Jade in Soho
    I think I first met Kanya 3 or 4 years ago.Then she worked at Asian Touch on Shaftsbury Avenue and I think I saw her twice there
    Kanya is the girl in the photos in her advertisement
    I saw this ad and thought the girl looked familiar but couldn't place her.
    Anyway I made an appointment for 1 hour at a cost of I think £50
    The receptionist showed me downstairs to the room was really was very nice indeed.There was a shower in the room and a mirror the length of the massage table along one wall.When Kanya entered the room I looked up and I realized who it was.I thought the name was familiar.She remembered me which was a surprise and after asking how hard I wanted it the massage started.Kanya is quite muscular and her massage is strong.When someone works in a spa I think what goes on in the room should stay in the room but I remember tipping her nicely although I think she would have liked a lot more nicely.Kanya has a nice personality and is good at what she does.Worth a try.

  • Rose(Thai) Flat in Archway
    Rose works from a flat just seconds from Archway Station by McD.
    I would say that she probably takes the whole massage side of things the most serious of anyone I have met.She is still taking courses in the UK as well as being qualified in Thailand.Her massage room has a nice comfortable massage table and is very dimly lit(aren't they all!)
    The photos on her advert are her and I think its fair to say that Rose falls into the convincing tv bracket rather than ts.I have seen Rose a few times and she really enjoys her work.A nice tip is well appreciated by her and she leaves me extremely happy.

  • Weeda (Thai)
    I saw Weeda last year by chance.I was driving along Upper Richmond near East Sheen and saw a Thai spa that I hadn't noticed before.I'm sure it was called Banrak.
    Went in and asked if anyone was available and there was so paid for an hour and was shown to my room.When the door opened and I looked up I realized it was a TV straight away.Weeda was pleasant and in the massage environment perfectly acceptable.If I was looking for an escort wouldn't be so.
    The massage was very good and if you wanted more she would be extremely accommodating.I was happy to leave this one just at a good Thai massage

  • Jackie (Thai)
    Jackie works at Thai touch which is on the Uxbridge Road near the big Morrisons, where you can park.The shop is a real typical Thai massage shop and usually busy.
    Jackie has a great massage skill and nature.I would guess she has been massaging for 20 years or maybe more.

    I met Tara the other day.She is the south end of Earls Court Road.She is a gorgeous ts with an IMO perfect body.

    The massage was average (no oil, basic rubbing, some body to body), but she is so attractive and has such a hot body it was ok. Really nice mutual bareback bj, and finished me with a lovely handjob and nipple play. She face fucked me and I rimmed her also. Average-ish and on the thin size but rose to the occasion

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    Emily (Maylasian)
    Emily is on the top floor of the building where YoYo works and her workspace the same.
    Compact studio but fit for purpose. Emily is very pretty faced and fuller figured and carries it well. Emily has a well worked out massage routine and it is very relaxing and at points very sensual indeed. I decided to upgrade from hj to a very nice bj and tipped her at the end of the session which went well over the time I had booked for. Lovely attitude and massage and no clock watcher.Well worth a visit.

  • I saw Emily last week and can echo the comments above. Nothing to add as Hermes experience was a mirror of mine. I would say that Emily has extremely nicely shaped and very soft legs which she enjoys being stroked. Maybe she has moved flat because I think there was another floor above hers. A great hour and a bit

  • I went back to see Emily this week. She seems to have moved to a lower floor flat now. She really does give the impression that she loves what she's doing. I will be back. Great vfm and attitude first class.

  • I saw this ad and made an inquiry
    I was aware of NK's profile from HA but had never seen her advertising just massage before
    All communications were by text and very painless
    Nong has her massage studio very close to Paddington station and Westbourne Grove
    I was quoted £60 for a traditional massage
    I was asked to text when outside and then was given the flat number
    Nong opened the door wearing very little indeed
    I was asked to remove top and shorts and lie down
    The massage took place on the floor
    Nong told me she had been doing for about 6 months and that her teacher was from Wat Po
    Nong has a great personality and her massage skill is very good
    She takes this seriously and I would recommend
    If you want something else after she will oblige

  • Reya(Thai) Asian Touch
    I was in the area today and phoned and asked if Reya was available, and she was.
    I paid £55 for an hour and I was led by a Thai guy to the top floor. The room was fine and had a/c which was nice. Reya soon arrived and she is very nice indeed. Very petite and slim. She began with traditional Thai massage and then to a very relaxing oil massage.
    Her service was really good and I will return soon. This place is quite professional and I wasn't offered anything else and I didn't ask. I was happy with my massager tbh.
    Can highly recommend

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    Hi Hermes, Have you had any recent visits to any of the massage establishments in Soho. My last was with Kanya at Rupert Jade. Massage was great and she holds such good conversation. I find her very attractive, but might not be up everyone’s street as she is more of a TV than a TS. Nice to have a shower in the room as well, but don’t think all rooms have this so best requesting if deciding to go.

    I have also been to number 9 massage and saw Lulu. Very attractive ladyboy only saw her for half an hour reasonable, massage was again great and the place was tidy/ clean. But the shower wasn’t great and a bit minging as had to pass though the kitchen to get to it where other staff was.

  • Jenny is Thai and just off Oxford St by TCR although, not a shop she gives excellent massage and repeat visits have paid me dividends. I haven't seen her recently though which I really need to put right

  • I've seen Jenny & Vicky recently, both give very good massages plus there is always a little extra to be had. I won't go any where else, it gives me exactly what i need!

  • Ive seen jenny once, great massage and i paid the extra to see her naked, beautiful body and wonderful hormonal breasts. i had HE from her and gave her Oral. But at £160 a time its quite expensive.

    Do repeat visits pay off? would love to have FS with her - does anybody know if she does?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi all. New to the site. 30 m London. Looking for the best place to go in London for TS massage, ideally Thai. Fairly new to guys too so looking to be eased in. Have played with a TS before (few years ago). Ideally looking for someone centralish - massage shop or private is fine - but does need to give a decent massage as a starter at least. Anything more is a bonus. Prefer a younger look, so <24

  • I tried the ladyboy option in No 9 Brewer St in Soho last week. £50 for 1 hour. She was taller than I expected, but friendly and flirty. I didn't get her name, but she is the one in the photo here.

    Unfortunately the massage itself was poor - no real purpose or structure to it. She would spend ages working on one leg, for example, then move on, but after a bit came back and did the same leg again. It wasn't unpleasant, but in no way as good as (say) Yoyo or Emily, or Jenny.

    At the end she asked for £60 for hand relief .. I negotiated it down to £40. However once we started, she was quite open to me slipping off her panties and playing with her hardening cock, and it turned into a nice mutual session. She has a lovely thick member too. So definitely felt happier after the ending .. shame about the massage.

  • I went here last week
    Appointment easy by text.The flat top floor.Me breathless.
    It wasn't the person in the pic and wasn't Asian. Walked

  • In the interests of research I went to Asian Touch again last week. Not been for a couple of years. I saw Sara (ladyboy) for an hour. She is quite solidly built but with a pretty face and gently flirty attitude. She offered me 4 levels of massage- firm, medium, soft or relaxing - which was new to me. I went for "relaxing ". What followed was a lovely slow and sensuous massage that got very close without quite touching! I was nude throughout. As with Hermes above, I was happy with the massage by itself and didn't enquire about extras.

    I know this place isn't the cheapest, but it felt like money well spent afterwards .. I might return sooner next time :smile:


    This ad appeared today. I made an inquiry and it may be possible for an incall near Earls Court. Quite chatty and seems interesting
    Will report back

  • Looks attractive Hermes .. await your report with interest :smile:

  • Hi all - am a huge fan of ts and massages so appreciate all the info on the board. Thanks!

    Used the many good reviews of Jenny and booked an hour - the expensive option. I loved it...she was professional throughout, I fet very relaxed and not at all rushed. She is very beautiful and erotic. Loved it when she brushed the side of my head...

    The only Other ts massage I’ve had turned out to be an escort-hardly surprising, and although keen to try I was not totally loving the somewhat forced nature of the encounter.

    Jenny is pure class and I will be returning soon to continue the exploration. To anyone scanning these threads and wondering ‘should I?’, you really should with Jenny ... there’s at least 4 folk on here very positive and, as long as you respect her (as you should with anyone),she will give you a great hour of massage.

    Another thread talks positively of Ryem in earls Court... those in the know agreeing she is good for a rub down?

  • Welcome Zimmerman Ryem is stunning

  • Thanks Hermes_Pan...She’s next on my list. Have seen your thoughts on early morning visits in general; I also prefer mornings and like the idea of bringing some croissants to share! Is ryem’s happy to make the massage last the whole hour, or is she trying to upsell to FS as others regularly do (Which I find a tad annoying).

  • Ryem is the most beautiful ts in London. In my opinion With her upsell not an issue

  • Thanks for all the reviews . interested in Jenny buy why is she so expensive £160 per hour, more than full service ? Is it really worth it?

  • Ts Chriselle is very interesting if you google
    A good opportunity to see a ts porn star for £50!

  • @bloggs174 said:
    Thanks for all the reviews . interested in Jenny buy why is she so expensive £160 per hour, more than full service ? Is it really worth it?

    It's a fair question. I happened to visit Jenny last year shortly after she stopped doing 1 hour for £60 basic massage or £100 with extras. She told me she had made a decision to ask for £150 from then on, because she reckoned she could make the same amount of money with fewer customers. As she explained it, it was a risk on her part but if it worked out, she would have more time for herself. I wished her good luck!

    As it happens, I haven't been back at the higher price.. but it seems a reasonable move. I don't think it is some inflated view of herself, or some kind of superstar skills. It's just a business decision.

    Having said that, she is a nice girl and I always enjoyed her massage, her company and those little extras :)

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    New to this thread. I have tried Chriselle in Soho and she's amazing... You could see her Ad here on MassageMe. Price listed is just for massage. If you want more than a massage, it's extra of course. She's worth it. She looks MUCH better in person. Her pictures doesn't do her justice. Definitely glad I tried her, will try her again next month. :blush:

  • What tips did Chriselle ask for? She does look good

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