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After the closure of HA I had a pm about this site so thought I would try a post see how it works out
I've seen YoYo quite a few times now, she has a small one-room studio on the 2nd or 3rd floor close to Queensway.
She charges £100 an hour and that includes a very happy ending
She does the massage on a professional table and has great skill
For someone taking the first nervous steps into the trans world, she really is the perfect choice
The pics for a change are real


  • Hi Hermes
    Are you able to give some more detail of what the hour with her was like?

  • Firstly YoYo speaks great English secondly her massage skill is very good indeed.
    I have seen her many times now and the service does go up the more you see her.
    The first time I was greeted by YoYo wearing a very nice massage type uniform with tight fitting top and it was obvious no bra.The massage started on my back and as it got to ass and legs the strokes got very high up the inner thigh indeed.After turning over more oil was used and the main area of massage was abdomen and again inner thigh work.
    Then a sublime handjob with loads of oil

  • Thanks. Im ideally looking for some body 2 body action. Any tips for that?

  • Maybe, Emily, She's in the same building I will try to write up tomorrow

  • Yoyo is the best massage i have had in London - and I've had a fair bit of experience. She's very friendly, very sexy, and very professional. I felt really comfortable with her and by the time she'd finished very relaxed. Great boobs that tantalise you when she massages your chest and stomach. I'll definitely be going back....and did a few days later. Yoyo will be my regular port of call when i need to destress.

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    Yoyo delivers an excellent and genuine massage, with no dramas, which is why I keep returning. The pics on massagemeinlondon are accurate. She uses a proper table, low lighting, and decent quality massage oil. Once you get to know her, options such as B2B may become available, but she won't shortcut the main event, which is sensual rather than sexual. She has a tight and toned butt, and nice sized boobs too. https://www.massagemeinlondon.co.uk/profile/yoyo-massage-therapy-156

  • I met Yoyo about a year ago and I can confirm pictures are accurate, but I wasn't impressed by the overall experience. Yoyo is very professional and the massage is not bad, but I've had much better ones. Her approach is very cold and I think it all misses the point about being massaged by a ladyboy. I haven't tried her ever since, but I might give her a try in the near future to see if she got any better.

  • I also met Yoyo last year. Same impression. Very attractive and a competent massage but, cold and aloof. No problem with mutual touching but, i got the impression she did not enjoy it. I even tried a four hand massage with her and another ladyboy but, it was hardly memorable.

  • I saw YoYo today. She has just got back from Thailand after doing the Wat Po massage course. I must say her massage today was the best ever. She has learned some new tricks.
    For someone wanting a massage service rather than an escort service, she is amazing

  • Any new updates on Yoyo??!!

  • Hermes

    Does she do the massage naked?
    Can you touch her?
    She is also on my top list

    Hearing so many good things about her


  • @Max said:

    Does she do the massage naked?
    Can you touch her?
    She is also on my top list

    Hearing so many good things about her


    First time I doubt it. But she may now
    Repeat visits do get nice benefits

  • Thanks
    To be honest if i can't do a simple touch i will not do the massage. That is my rule and usually i am clear right from the beginning with anyone new. Those old repeat they all know that and Ok with it because i always respect them and never push beyond their comfort. Usually i do Ok.
    Sadly one of the top shemale massage in west London now moved place now low profile. She doesn't work anymore.


  • Mojito

    You said you had a better massage than Yo Yo

    Can you please share that with us?
    I completely trust Hermes and whatever he says
    He is always spot on and Yo Yo is on my list soon.


  • Yo Yo


    It has been quiet here and i have been busy visiting few places

    Finally made it to see Yo Yo

    She opened the door with smile and nice sexy dress
    I went for 30min massage and HJ

    What a amazing profrssional massage and touches in the right areas. Could have done with more sensual touches but overal was great.
    She turned me over and finished me off with the wonderful ending. Could touch her too and felt great.

    She truly took interest in her massage something which i haven't seen often with others. Excellent attitude.

    I will go back to her again and I absolutely loved the massage and experience. She is one of the top massage i have had so far ( and believe me i had many.)

    I also saw Emily recently who also works in the same building and i report that experience seperately.

    YoYo was fantastic and must visit.

    Avoid Emily though

  • Well I have booked to see Yoyo later. Any tips from those who have been? I had seen her before, but a very long time ago. So treating this like its the first time.

  • I hope you have a good time with Yoyo. My only tip would be - enjoy the massage on its own terms, rather than a warm-up for some kind of "main event". It's a subtle distinction, more about your state of mind going in - and I have played on both sides of the fence so to speak. Unlike many girls on here, she's made an effort to do some proper Wat Po training, and hopefully you will enjoy the benefits!

    And if you do enjoy it, go back a few times and build up a bit of rapport. Obviously YMMV and all that, but it's clear from other posters here that's the way to go. She's a nice girl.

  • Reizlos

    Hope all went well
    Let us know how it went,
    If you haven't seen her yet my suggestion would be if anything specific you like her to concentrate on; just tell her that and she will do it for you, like certain touches or anal play.

    Most importantly try to enjoy the massage anything on top is just a bonus.

    She will not do the full service, her strength is excellent massage, great attitude and open minded approach to make sure you enjoy the session.

    So do not hesitate to tell her if you like it certain ways.

    She is amazing and you will have a good times.

    I will not be upset if your thoughts or experience happen to be different with her, which i doubt it will be the case.

    Have fun

  • Reizlos

    Hope your visit went well,
    Let us know how you get on...

    Whatever you do please stay away from Emily

    As much as nice person she can be but she is a time watcher with the sloppy poor massage techniques (unlike yoyo who is master of massage and has an excellent attitude).

    People deserve a good service for what they pay for no matter a small or large amount, everyone deserve a respect and when service falls below certain standard you should always let your fellows friends knows here to not fall to the trap and should spend their money somewhere else.

    Hopefully this would help to improve their service for what we all deserve as a good customers.

    Anyway just sharing my views and respect others opinions.

  • As per my note in the other thread. All went well. As you say enjoy the massage as it is very well done.

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