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Hello Guys
Im on the new forum and hope it will work in a same way as HA ))
You can leave your reviews here - Xxx


  • I saw Katherine a few months back and I must say I was a little skeptical but I was very pleasantly surprised.Almost all of my appointments are with Asian providers and mainly I go for the massage option.I had read an awful lot about Katherine on HA of which some was very good indeed but the odd post not so.But I guess you will never be able to please everyone.Also, Katherine is more a full-service provider than the massage but she had an ad online at the time offering a massage service so I thought I would try.An appointment was easily made via text and at quite short notice.
    Katherine was then working from an apartment in the most infamous block close to South Ken station.Her apartment was spotlessly clean and well presented as was she.Katherine is a very accomplished massage therapist and it really was an amazing experience, we did upgrade service wise a little and that was perfect as well.
    There are many photos online of Katherine and also lists of her services.I would highly recommend.

  • Thank you Hermes-Pan for your time and attention )) Wish to see you back soon ))

  • Hey, Thanks for setting up this community!!
    I saw Katherine in that totally unique apartment block.I also usually see Asian girls and to be honest have found the service to be pretty poor in general.Not like the service you actually get in Asia.Katherine was a total breath of fresh air.Her apartment is immaculate as noted and she fed me some wonderfully warming Russian vodka.
    Katherine is a different class.She is attentive in a positive way and dominates softly.Not overly so, perfectively so.A must see!!

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    Thank you VictorV )) I try to remember who u r - it's really nice to get comment after providing the service - that means I have to try to be much better as I am now )))

  • I remember reading about Katherine and her size likeness to Wasabi and gave her a try.I must say she is an absolute gem and agree with comments above.I spotted a few bad comments about her but I think are probably from jealous rivals.She's an absolutely amazing sensual experience.

  • Do you know if she allows you to suck her with the 1hr with HE?

  • Katherine is a great experience Well worth going with the flow and seeing what transpires

  • Hi dear )) Glad that you enjoyed every moment being with me)) I really wish to meet you again and have some more much better experience))

  • Victor

    Thanks for your review and not sure where you meet Katherine. Her appartment is complete mess and not tidy at all but instead she is amazing with the most amazing tools i ever seen and she let you play with for the basic service. Not tried her massage but always quick HE which is happy to do.
    Also will be great to share your experience in more details for people to decide to visit her or not.
    I highly recommend her but she is not cheap.

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    My apartment is mess ?! R u sure u have seen me ?!
    It’s always clean and tidy. Towels and sheets are ironed ! I pay lots of attention to my flat and service I provide ! As cheaper service I provide such as hand job only or happy ending as more bad reviews people leave ! I’ll make a changes in my service and remove cheap service from the list I provide and you’re welcome to Thai, Brasil or Pakistani escort - there is all clean, honest and high level !
    Was thinking providing different service for different group of people it will be a good idea for everyone to come and enjoy the time with me but now I see it doesn’t work! Such reviews make me feel sad - what more people need ? If I’ll give you the live water you will be unhappy again! I’m not the sun and can’t warm everyone but I’m learning everyday and soon will rise the price higher ! I’m looking by requests - as more you want as higher price will be - one things still remain: r u sure you will afford it ??)))

    Thanks for advice.

  • Dear Katherine
    Sorry you feel that way
    Yes i am sure i have been to you 100%
    So please don't try to twist facts.yes your apartment not tidy and i even struggle to find a toilet papar. Your live in block of self catered flat rented like a hotel room and i can even give a room number but i will not do that here because i respect you.
    You should learn to undertand people have different views and what i shared was my honest opinions of your flat.
    On the positive note i said so much good things about you as a person and your service. I think it is lovely you offer a basic service and that make people to visit you more and appreciate you more.
    You just need to start dress up like some of your most sexy pictures even for basic service.
    I said you have a most amazing tool i ever seen and i never forget that and i encourages people to come to see you.
    So please be yourself and continue doing what you do best and please don't be upset for reading reviews which in my case was good but you could not see the positve side.

    I hope to visit you again
    Please chill out and relax
    I think you need to work on that a bit more and please get oil for HJ rather than cream it works much better.

    Thank you

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    I see the positive side and I remember everything you write. The problem was in a toilet paper- I will buy f... 100 rolls - you will be happy enough ? I put a pack with a wet wipes there till I go to the shop - also u should ask if u need anything before saying anything’s. It just disrespectful in front of the place I live - u don’t have to like the building- but respect my flat - if u don’t feel comfy why u stayed with me then ? If I don’t like the place or person just don’t stay . It’s a private flat having nothing in common with the reception desk or cleaners. I do everything by myself as cleaning and all maintenance. I’m not gonna do the refurbishment in a place I don’t owe. Also how much notice did u give to me ? 10 min as I remember. If u want me to be dressed then u can wait as minimum 30 min notice as everyone. If you’re happy with then follow the instructions))). I trying to make it faster not paying attention about what I’m wearing and that’s the result. Also I should say that you don’t like the cream and ask me to use oil or lube - it’s better to say everything here than in person? I understand- was my fault. Soon will change the flat and the rates will go higher. Will inform everyone about changes will happen. Thank you

  • Katherine's apartment was small but not a thing out of place
    The music and low light and vodka make for a very special experience
    It was the apartment block near south ken

  • Thanks Katharine
    I appreciate your response
    Sorry if i upset you but i said so many good things too. I never ever touched as beautiful and nice and clean tool as yours and it is hard and nice to hold.
    Please keep your basic service as it is that makes you unique and i will visit you again hopefully 30 minutes this time around to try both ways.

    My apology again
    Be good and keep up a great work you are so beautiful and so sexy

    Till next time


  • Thank you and my apologies if I pushed so hard. Hope is not gonna reflect on our relationships.

    Be well and take care of yourself.

  • Glad all friends :-) You make a good point about booking ahead, giving notice and having time to get ready

  • You're right. It is very important moment since I will have time to get ready and be in a good mood that will automatically be projected onto my guest who deserves to get a good service for the presents they spend )

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    Exactly :-)

  • Hey hi guys ))
    It’s still anybody on here?))

  • Hi Katherine, yes I'm here ????. Hope you are well

  • Hi Paddy
    Yes, I’m fine )))
    This pandemic has freed up a lot of time and now I have the opportunity to do so many postponed thing ))

    What r u doing ?)

  • MaxMax
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    Hi Katherine

    How are you?
    I also saw your message in the other board
    Glad to hear from you and good to know you are well. Sorry to hear about your other job losses but sometimes certain events in life creat opportunities which otherwise you would have never explored, i hope that would be the case and something positive comes out of it.

    Certainly most important to keep safe and is good you ask for test results but please remember test results more than 3 days will really not guarantee the person is safe! so got to be within 3 days and fresh results.

    This is really hard in your line of work and i truly admire and feel for what you and other escorts have to go through without proper backing or recognition from government.
    However this time will pass and soon we learn to adopt to new ways of doing things.

    As with me, all ok so far also had my hours reduced but still got something going and doing things on the side to make up for the loss times.

    Love to visit you again, when all of these pandemic is over (or when i had the vaccine)

    One question, do you fully dress up now days ? I think the experience is something else for customer. I know you do that for 1 hour service anyway and very nice one too.

    For now i have stopped seeing girls and completely staying safe and home as much as possible
    I sadly lost my close friends over Covid he was healthy and in his early 40s. So i am taking it very seriously.

    Be good and stay safe and keep in touch

    Take care

  • @KatherineRusTS said:
    Hi Paddy
    Yes, I’m fine )))
    This pandemic has freed up a lot of time and now I have the opportunity to do so many postponed thing ))

    What r u doing ?)

    @KatherineRusTS That's good to hear. I'm working on my fitness. Still able to work but can't play rugby so running and weights to fill in the time. What did you postpone?

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