Asian Touch Shaftesbury Avenue

I noticed this website recently and saw that they advertise Ladyboy therapists as well as men.
I sometimes frequent this area lunchtimes and the other day I saw the entrance door.I must have walked past a hundred or more times and never noticed it.
The entrance is very small and basically a set of stairs leading upwards.
It looked not very well lit and I was a little skeptical of walking up and what would greet me.
Has anyone tried?


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    It must be 7 or 8 years ago when I first visited this place. At the time they had a very cute young Malaysian girl working there. I saw her many many time till to my sadness she had to go home.I stopped going for quite a while and then one day made a return visit.
    They had expanded and taken the whole floor below where they were so now in effect have the whole building. There's a communal type toilet as you walk up the stairs to reception.I'm not sure if there's one in any of the rooms or a shower.
    They now have a big reception area which before was just a couple of chairs and a net curtain which the staff would sit behind.
    I was just passing and hadn't made an appointment. The receptionist said they only had the ladyboy free and I said that was fine. The rooms there are very dimly lit so can't really comment on the standard but comfort wise they are fine. My therapist turned out to be a tv and massage was ok. Nothing else was offered to me and I didn't ask.
    After this, my return was again after maybe a year or so. This time I booked ahead and asked if was a different ladyboy working and was told there was.
    I saw Kanya who has since left and now works in Rupert st now and I will do a separate thread on her.
    Another gap of maybe 6 months and I booked again and this time a different ladyboy.
    Her name escapes me but she was nice looking and a good masseuse.
    You have nothing to worry about visiting this place. Although dimly lit its fine. The staff are very helpful. Would be interested to know if they have any new therapists

  • This is my go-to place for good Thai massage.
    Usually, see one of the guys for a strong massage.
    Last time saw Sara the ladyboy.
    Quite chunky and good technique.
    Nothing else offered and that was fine.
    Maybe tv and not a ladyboy.
    £55 for one hour
    Would try different therapist next time if they have.

  • I called the other day and they said Sara was working. I asked if any other ladyboys worked other days and was told Reya worked two days. I am sure I have seen but cannot remember for sure. Anyone can help??

  • Herms we didn’t quite get your review on the end for Kanya

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