Hermes Did you get to visit her? I actually saw her about a year ago She was the most amazing experience ever for me. She is more passive than active but so feminine so nice. She is not cheap and doesn't negotiate the price but in her case i say she is well worth it. Not had a massge but second level of message which put a smile on my face for couple of days :- )


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  • Paddy Seems you are struggling here; specially with your quoted statistics and again seems adding your version of events and what was said totally OUT OF CONTEXT and MOST IMPORTANTLY without mentioning what was the other people messages to me wh…
  • Paddy Very nice and wise words and you have twisted some facts to help yourself which itself it shows you are not geniune in your intention. Lets stick with what it says here in this chat and how you responded. You have not obviously read my co…
  • Paddy You didn't have a case to rest it This is in your mind You just rested your egos Nothing to be embarrassed about simple apology will do.
  • Lemon Even her link still says 100 per hour Must be another Jenny or she was drunk when send that massage to Jay100 So geniune mistake somewhere :-)
    in Jenny Comment by Max July 3
  • Jay100 Thanks for the message But i think you got the wrong girl Please hermes message Also no one in the right mind should pay 180 for massage with her, and she is certainly not asking that. That message is from different Jenny Prices are…
    in Jenny Comment by Max July 2
  • Sort and paddy Funny to see some art of manipulations going on here with really very poor attempt which people are cleaver enough to not fall for these. Yes i said i 100% agree with the post because that is my true opinion, she is not my type …
  • Red flash and also red flag You are right :-) Alarm all over the place i say :-)
  • Red flash i meant
  • Never seen her before Is she still working and around? She looks very sexy Don't mind a visit
  • As soon as someone starts doing BB that is right flash everywhere Even without BB the risk is there but those doing BB are truly not care about their own health and health of others. So 100% agreed with Lemon comments
  • Lemon Good point and i wish i could recommend any but i know not many of them around. Good questions and i also be interested to know others recommendations or experience to share here Thanks
  • CosmoCat As i mentioned my experience was waste of time with her. She was more into type of sports i do and how fit i am, before even meeting me, asking me am i going to gym, how often etc Wired Even meeting her showed she is not up for this…
    in Ts Bella review Comment by Max June 27
  • Hi Moji How was it? Tell us more? How long you stayed and what service recieved? I heard she does a very good massage
  • I have been thinking to visit her But she has some tight rules and prices which so far we couldn't work out the visit. How much you paid if i may ask and for how long? What was included in service? Thanks for sharing I like to visit her b…
  • Sort I said i respect her choice can't you read what i posted? Or you are on drug or something?!! Read people posts before jumping to posting garbage here
  • So sorry to hear your experience guys She needs some teaching lessons She will be banned on multiple platforms I will make sure of that through my contanct. Red flags and means no matter how tempting the pictures are don't fall for it Tha…
    in Mel Bittencourt Comment by Max June 27
  • She is astonishing to me But i am sure she comes with big price Let us know if you visit her
  • Could be she is having a break Watch out for the same link It might come back I share more if i find out Thanks
  • Zimmerman Thanks for your comments and glad you can visit this place... Almost 99% of people here like to talk about UK base Tgirls and not many people travel that much internationally and while that is really good to know but really is like a…
    in Tgirls in Paris Comment by Max June 21
  • I agree with TsolverLondon 100% But didn't want to say she is ugly as i respect if this is what you like. However i suggest to look at AW in your area and see what else available If you still like the above go for it but she is not for me an…
  • 100% agree with the above review Seen her few years back, (she has been around long time) First she was asking me loads of questions over the phone of how fit am I!!! and if i go to gym etc. Got around that and meet her, exactly as above review …
    in Ts Bella review Comment by Max June 21
  • Go for it And let us know how you got on if wish Thanks
  • Bigtool I understand what you mean Perhaps it helps you to go to see tgirls for massage and HJ and start that way and gradually build up for other services. Specially if it is your first time that could be a good way. This girl in the link is…
  • T girls in paris Thanks for this, and thanks for sharing Not sure what is exactly the point of your post as everyone here are from UK and beside not many people travel between the differe the cities in UK to see their relative and you expect peo…
    in Tgirls in Paris Comment by Max June 18
  • Not only things have changed But will continue to change You have seen nothing mate Things are much worse than you think People have seen nothing yet sadly
  • Moji I can actually confirmed everything changed after corona Price, services, options, ... All better for customers But still girls are experiencing big shortages of customers and this will het worse sadly I really feel for them But noted m…
  • Correction... "Don't lose hope and try others".. i meant Sorry i am typing from rather small keyboard on my phone and sometimes hard to get everything right. Thanks
  • Damo Really sorry to hear that People like this should be banned permanently; I will pass on the massage to other platforms and my friends and make sure she will be avoided at any costs. You should have tell her to F.. off and ask fot your m…
  • More recent comments of how much things have changed since corona and have people strated to go back for massage and more?
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