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  • Good massage tough But she needs to be told to go easy her massage is hard too. Still recommend her but she needs some instructions to go easy on you. Don't expect sex she wouldn't do it.
  • she is a bit rough on hand job and she need to be told to take it a bit easy on that. Generally she wants to finish you quick
  • matty Look for her in Massagemeinlondon You will find her there
  • thanks Georgie She seems lovely May pay her a visit if i get around it Thanks mate
  • Hi Lemon Not tried Lynn so like to know more if anyone visited her. But have been with Belle, she is Ok but needs to be a bit more patient with her customers and the way she comes a across to people seems is all about money/business and a clo…
  • Sort Thanks again for sharing but just as much as Matty i am very curious what service you received with £150 in 1 hour and not have sex either ? Or perhaps £150 was a typing mistake ?! Thanks
    in Queen Emma Comment by Max September 22
  • Ziggy Just visit discussion chat here and you will find lots of in-depth reviews with good details No point of repeating what is already there Including my own comments about her Thanks
  • montyuk She is available on and off You got to watch to see when her number displayed She has some high class customers so she doesn't need to work all the times. Keep trying till catch her avaliable
  • montyuk Spot on But her ass is still nice but overall package is not for me But as you said people have different likings
  • MATTY regarding touching her please see my reply today in other discussion room under Emma. She does let you touch her but all about more and more money which i really didn't like personally Not sure if i go back
  • thanks Matty I agree
    in Amelia Comment by Max September 15
  • Lemon Thanks for the suggestions but not sure this is for everyone Nice idea though
  • Goergie She looks great Thanks for sharing, have you seen her already? Can you please share your experience/feedbacks How much does she charge? Thanks for sharing
  • Matty I actually agree with what you said Finally i managed to see her and paid £60 for 30 minutes but touching was limited which to be honest for HJ and massage and not able touch and pay more i don't recommend her at all. Massage was good and …
    in Queen Emma Comment by Max September 15
  • Tony I was taken by couple of local friends so i can't tell you where But there is not one place , there 100s of tops places in Germany and it is just fantastic So look it up in Google and you will find few Check the reviews and you can't go…
  • she is not answering phone So no, My guess is she is no longer around, unless someone else knows something. Was keen to try her as i hear so many good comments here about her.
    in Jenny Comment by Max September 15
  • Veni Thanks for sharing such a details and useful information We should take all reviews and opinions on board and glad to hear your experience has been exceptionally good. However i am equally taking Democles experience very seriously and act…
  • matty Lets be honest she had a nice ass I give her 8 out of 10 But i still simply can't do it with her because she is simply not my type of girl and i still respect whoever wants to see her People have different views and different liking which…
  • matty My rule is simple You walk in, if the girl picture doesn't match or for any reason you are not happy with what you see just simply say goodbye and walk away... Some people shy to do that and think if they made the appointment they have…
    in Amelia Comment by Max September 2
  • That is easy... Go for Sofia You will love her
  • Matty I think you need to go an see Emma She will sort you out Find the threads about her on discussion and just make an appointment Go for one hour or 30min either way you be happy but she is not cheap and you need to spend 80-100 to come ou…
  • hi Lemon Sorry mate, just seen your message No, i haven't got round it yet Had other commitments Will let you know if i visit Thanks
  • Matt Thanks for sharing But are you seriously going round the country to visit this girls? Some of them 200miles apart!!! Great choice but not sure i travel more than 30 miles to see the girl i like no matter what. But thanks for sharing
  • Bigtool How are you? Glad you made it to her finally and thanks for sharing the experience This is always valuable to have a first hand genuine review like yours. She seems smart and very experienced and i am sure you will enjoy it more ne…
  • Thanks Lemon, This is very helpful and good digging Where is Hermes now days Not seen him for a while He really had an excellent and accurate reviews and hope he is Ok and back and sharing those with us Also look forward to get your review …
  • I say go with your dick :-) And enjoy... I shall follow shortly :-) Cheers
  • Thanks Lemon This place is not the best access for me so got to go when i am there for business or something which i am hoping to be soon. West side of London works best for me. Even north London But will arrange to visit for sure Thanks aga…
  • Hi Lemon Hope you ok Thanks for your comments, this is very useful information to know from someone with first hands experience for this place When you say £60-80 for HJ is that on top of £30 or is it included? Because otherwise will add u…
  • still like to visit her soon Has to be done Was holding back because of Covid but things are picking up.
  • Can't say i fancy her ( for me) Not seen her before nor any intentions to do so.
    in Ts kittanna Comment by Max August 10
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