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  • MV Thanks mate Not sure why you pay 200 if she asked for 160 upfront!! To achieve what exactly? While that is nice of you but not sure if this should be encouraged specially the first time and you have no idea what services you get. I have n…
  • Tgirl Thanks for your message, everyone entitled to their opinion and i am sorry you feel mine was unfair. I actually get on very well with all the girls even those who have their own rules which is always reapected providing both parties a…
    in Ladyboy massage Comment by Max May 20
  • Mv How much for your session? How long is short? 30min? 1 hour? Thanks
  • I agree Certainly very temping Is she now in London? How much you pay if i may ask? Thanks Max
  • Mv So means she is gone i guess Let me know if she is back, don't mind to try her
    in TS Aliyah Rose Comment by Max May 16
  • Paddy It is shame someone said that and if you seen her and think is real good enough for me. But rememeber with those pump you still cum like natural, but you can be hard again and again with minimal effort which is perfect for working girls.…
    in Luly Brazil Comment by Max May 16
  • Hermes-pan Not seen you for a while? Hope all Ok with you and keeping safe Look forward to read more of your reviews, you are the best and perhaps most experienced seeing many massage ladies with excellent posts we hope you come back All t…
  • Is she still around? Anyone seen her recently? Be interested to know more?
    in TS Aliyah Rose Comment by Max May 15
  • MV Yes, Luly been around for a while but someone said she has a fake erection meaning had a surgery which they put something inside when you press pump up yout cock and feels so real but it is not. I can't judge that as not seen her and perhaps…
    in Luly Brazil Comment by Max May 15
  • Mv Both very impressive Have seen them both? Does everything included in the session?
    in My Hotlist. Comment by Max May 15
  • £180/hr for massage and HE?!! Is he really joking? I get the top class shemale which give me good massage and sex and everything for £150/hr all included and i can also see the picture and quality of what i get . So this is a rip off completely. …
    in Ladyboy massage Comment by Max May 15
  • Hi Paddy You mean Danny Bendoch? She is nice, while i don't mind a bit of tattoo in naughty places this girls have loads all over , huge one at the back, then arms, then front. Not sure about you but for me it is completely put off. So is th…
    in Luly Brazil Comment by Max April 14
  • The same here, if anyone happen to see her
    in TS Aliyah Rose Comment by Max April 14
  • DLGUY sorry to hear your bad experience and thanks for sharing You are a paying customer and there is no excuse for this shit, she should be banned. Best to let others know as you did in multiple platforms that should hopefully stop this happ…
    in Liah Ferreira Comment by Max April 6
  • Tony Yes please lets see the list Thanks
    in tsjenny Comment by Max March 26
  • Thanks Paddy Hope you are doing Ok too Just look forward to 12th April the first stage of unlocking and be able to be out and about and explore few options or more. You have few in mind?
    in Luly Brazil Comment by Max March 26
  • Has anyone visited Jenny recently or in the past 6 months? Here is the link.. I heard so much about her as being so good and certainly not the cheapest around …
  • Thanks Paddy I am good, hope you doing well too This sounds good and like to visit her.. seen her advert few times. Is her tool real you think? Looks massive to me... Someone in UK punting said is one of those which has internal implant (m…
    in Luly Brazil Comment by Max March 21
  • Hi Paddy Did you finally visited here? I remember you were keen to see her last summer.
    in Luly Brazil Comment by Max March 18
  • Londobi I suggest you go for massage with TS who is willing to go a bit further. That gives you time to relax and get ready whatever your preference is. GL
  • Thanks for the nice review Consistent with my experience with her almost 80%, however i get to play a bit with her cock which was a nice bonus and we both enjoyed it. Also out of interest who were the other 2 names on your list if you may wish…
  • Hi Hermes How are you? Not heard from you for a while!, i hope you are doing well and soon to get back to your very useful reviews, i am sure many missing that here, Take care mate Max
  • Paddy It wouldn't bother me to be honest as i was doing this myself before Admin advice me not to. So if anything you should be thankful i mention it and please continue your off topic but at least read Lemon question proper before answering. I…
  • Hi Katherine How are you? I also saw your message in the other board Glad to hear from you and good to know you are well. Sorry to hear about your other job losses but sometimes certain events in life creat opportunities which otherwise you wo…
  • That is really sad to hear But that is nothing to do with the titile of this chat nor what Lemon tried to raised. We are talking about girls who are affected as a result of covid not stabbing! That is always sadl to hear but not the topic of this…
  • Paddy I think Lemon talking about Covid, No one got assaulted ! They are sick in hospital as a result of Covid
  • Thanks Lemon STAY HOME is the safest option right now Really not worth it. Everybody's stopped and this is hard for everyone including escorts (of all kinds) which this is the only source of incomes for them. Hopefully after March situation…
  • Not for me Thank you
    in Meghan Spice Comment by Max January 12
  • Belle No disrespect Yes i did meet you, and that was my opinion i shared here and no need to be upset about it. Not sure why you think i have any problems with you!?!! I don't. I actually enjoyed our session and didn't say anything bad about…
  • She looks nice But the quality of pictures are so poor and not sure £140 per hour is worth it She is not showing much and that usually very concerns me. Nice look and if she happen to visit London i will consider visiting her. For me phone conv…
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