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  • Seen Luly three time. She is a lovely person - fluent in English and Top and Bottom. Great kisser! Saw her in between lock downs and she has put on some weight (havent we all) but still super lovely.

  • MV

    Yes, Luly been around for a while but someone said she has a fake erection meaning had a surgery which they put something inside when you press pump up yout cock and feels so real but it is not.
    I can't judge that as not seen her and perhaps will not even notice it but someone in UKpunting was suggesting that is definitely the case.
    Still i am sure she is lovely but for me if that is the case puts me off completely.

    All the best

  • I hadn't read that about Luly. She must hide it well if that's the case. No scars, not seen any pumping action when I have been with her and it feels / cums the same.

  • Shame if someone is spreading that and it's not the case.

  • Paddy

    It is shame someone said that and if you seen her and think is real good enough for me.

    But rememeber with those pump you still cum like natural, but you can be hard again and again with minimal effort which is perfect for working girls.
    I just shared what i read which sounded real to me at the time but then again till not try wouldn't know. She looks huge to me,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  • My pleasure Max, trust all is well with you

  • I saw Luly back in December 2019 pre lockdown. I found her to be friendly and good sense of humour. Communication via text was good. Stayed an hour, did everything I asked and more. No way did she have a fake erection. All working normally and cum ok. Flat was a bit of a mess but other than that it was a very enjoyable punt.

  • Not one for writing reviews normally, but I had the pleasure of seeing Luly back in 2019. She's a great girl. Lovely personality and a giggle to be with. Communicated via whatsapp and arranged a 90 minute visit. Greeted in a very sexy tight dress which barely concealed what I had come for. Showered and started with a great masssge. She slowly made it more and more sensual, nibbling my ear and getting me seriously worked up. I had explained this was how I wanted the session to happen and it was perfect. She began massaging my arse and lubed it up with a couple of fingers, before I could sense she was rubbering up. I turned to see her with a massive hard on (nothing fake about it at all!). She smiled, turned my head back and very slowly and gently began to press her cock into me. Now I have a tight arse and I'm only fucked once or twice a year, so I was expecting huge issues, but Luly is an expert and she kept going a little bit deeper, stroking my cock under my body and nibbling my ear to relax me.
    Soon she was deep inside me. I'd love to say all the way, but I'm not sure she could.
    Anyway, once I was comfortable she really began to hammer me hard and seemed to be loving it from the noises she was making. After about 10 minutes of grunting and groaning I asked her to pull out and cum over me. She happily obliged, shooting a load over my chest and face as I released my paltry load in comparison.
    Luly cleaned me up and we chatted for a while before I showered and left with a lovely parting kiss.
    Yes, she is huge, but my god does she know how to use it!
    Cracking girl. Excellent English. Good communicator and delivers as promised.
    We've stayed in touch and I chatted with her on whatsapp in June. She's still in Brazil and was saying that visa requirements mean she can't return for the time being.
    If she does come back she is definitely worth a visit.

  • Luly is back in London

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