TS Belle - Paddington Escort and Massage?

Hello all

Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting TS Belle in Paddington area? She is well reviewed on UKPunting but I was hoping for the definitive info here.

Seems that she would be an excellent visit for a first timer to get topped? I’ve met with ts before rarely and been the Top or just had mutual cock play but now want to see what it’s like to get fucked and Belle seems the right type?

Thoughts welcome thank you.


  • db
    Firstly she is active in this board and she might actually reply herself
    But I suggest to read the previous reviews given on this platform about her.
    She worth a visit I say but she need to be a bit more friendly.
    I think she had improved a lot

  • I had the pleasure of visiting Belle a few years ago. Wow, she is stunning. I thought she looked great in her pictures, but she is really gorgeous in person - really looks like a supermodel. I also had a great time with her. I was very new to TS girls at that time and she was perfect for me - she fucked me and it was really enjoyable. I recommend you try her db.

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