TS Belle - Paddington Escort and Massage?

Hello all

Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting TS Belle in Paddington area? She is well reviewed on UKPunting but I was hoping for the definitive info here.

Seems that she would be an excellent visit for a first timer to get topped? I’ve met with ts before rarely and been the Top or just had mutual cock play but now want to see what it’s like to get fucked and Belle seems the right type?

Thoughts welcome thank you.


  • db
    Firstly she is active in this board and she might actually reply herself
    But I suggest to read the previous reviews given on this platform about her.
    She worth a visit I say but she need to be a bit more friendly.
    I think she had improved a lot

  • I had the pleasure of visiting Belle a few years ago. Wow, she is stunning. I thought she looked great in her pictures, but she is really gorgeous in person - really looks like a supermodel. I also had a great time with her. I was very new to TS girls at that time and she was perfect for me - she fucked me and it was really enjoyable. I recommend you try her db.

  • Max, just get a life. We working girls know who you are and please just leave us alone. Your number is on every girl list so please stop this. Your attitude toward working girls is misogynistic.

  • Max, you first contacted me in November 2019 and asked all questions that already on the site. Then you called me again at least 2 more times during 2019-2020 and asked questions which you knew it would annoy me and you like it. You knew that I saved your number as annoying client or a timewaster because you never actually wanted to book but annoyed me and then wrote about me on here (lots of guys did this for fun because they don’t have respect for human life) that is why I was never polite to you on the phone because you just want to upset me. You probably think I don’t know your number. We girls all confirmed your number ending 992! Or at least this is one of your numbers.

    You used a different number to contact me and booked appointment and met me in person during summer 2020 because you wanted so much to discredit me. You did this to many girls when you’re not happy with them. I know one girl threaten to reveal who you are so you deleted her review. Most girls know who you are and what you look like. You are a pathetic psychopath who hate women. You love to ruin people life.

    Your last message on other topic was really from your fake heart. You two faced misogynist. My friends all said I shouldn’t be on here and flight with you. This is toxic but i can’t stand the sexist like you.

    I leave this to the readers to decide what kind of human Max is. Firstly criticising about my face as “sick” then trying to show fake remorse he’s sorry but never actually said sorry to me in person. Then he tried to discredit me in every possible ways eg; she’s rude on the phone, her attitude is bad, she only want business (you read you know) etc. lastly he booked and met me in person as he claimed but I still doubt it. If you really don’t like me from the beginning, why you came to meet me? One reason, you want to ruin my life because you are a psychopath! Period!

    Good luck readers. Not gonna fight with this psychopath anymore. Don’t make this trans talk become misogyny talk, guys!

  • I was lucky enough to meet Belle three times back before Covid and she was always great company - gorgeous to look at but also a really nice person with a genuine interest in other people.

    With regard to sex she is as hot as you will fine, the body of a model, and a face to match - fun, imaginative and so so sexy.

    Personally I would recommend anyone visiting, she is worth every penny and more

  • Belle

    Just picked up your rather sad comments here which really showed you are not well and really need to rethink rubbish you put out here.

    You can't stand a fair review and got upset and you think people should be forced to change their reviews. Why? Then what is the point of these platform. You want people to lie?

    I actually put lots of good comments for your friends in multiple platforms this includes you.

    I called you may be once and noted your attitude improved and actually came and said it here but seems I was wrong and you proved that i am wrong with this stupid comments you put here.

    Not sure after this anyone want to see a girl who record peoples numbers (i don't care personally ) and come here and threatened them !! And you talking above love and respect?! Seriously? You should really rethink every rubbish you put out here.

    You are just digging more hole for yourself, it doesn't bother me to see these lies because all made up by you which again shows more of the real person you are.

    Read the excellent review I left for some girls here and try to be like them, you are so pathetic more than I ever thought and believe me never want to see you even if you offer me a free service.

    My best suggestion for your own good is apologies rightway and delete the nonsense you put out here, this will help you and don't bother me at all, believe me. Someone reading this rubbish will never want to see you.

    I have utter most respect for all t girls as they know well how to treat their paying customers seems you are still lacking that and your post basically the evidance of that. So please don't play the innocent card here, people are not stupid.
    I leave it at that at the moment
    Think about it and apologise for rubbish you put out here and calm down and think logic. You seems full of hate and anger !!

  • Filthy

    Excellent that your experience was good, well done to you.

    Has she treaten you too to write this? because she records people number and details to be used as a tools for later force them to change their reviews!

    Never heard of that, and if she continues with this rubbish and not apologies to me i will reveal more about this operation. She is harming other nice girls business sadly and giving them a bad reputations by coming here and put out these amount of nonsense.

    I actually never ever had any problem with anyone but I always put out what my real experience has been.

    Good luck

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