Experienced any...?

...of these lot:

Stella Lima
Angie XXL (TV)
Barbara Kenps
Lisa Pavanelli (TV)
Gabrielle Borges

Any feedback would be appreciated


  • Alex

    Are you by any chance and agent working for these people?
    Never seen people come here give such a lists!

    This is not a place for it mate
    Pack it up and try different platform and let people here just do a genuine discussion.

    Goos luck

  • Again...stop sniffing glue m8 - on other forums in the past you could list TS names and get feedback. What kind of bizarre super agent would represent so many girls? Stop your wanker conspiracy theories and don't contribute unless you have something decent to add. Trolling up these forums with your daft comments

  • Alex

    What sort of shit is that?
    Sniffing glue?!
    Are you bent? Something not right and not sure why you are on fire here! Agent on fire!

    I write as i like and what i like and certainly be catching people like you here which seems so incapable of even doing a justice to these girls and promote them in the right platform and not here.

    So get your shit together m8ty and get back to your office and play with your mouse.

    Don't tell me what to do

    If you continue your shit, admin will throw you out soon.

    So relax and chill and take your shit somewhere else m8ty

  • bekind not applicable here?

    Alex, no experience or names I have seen.

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