Alice Fox

I saw Alice a while ago, she tours various cities are the U.K.

Meeting her in person she is very attractive and has good likeness the her photos. Speaks good English too if that's important to you.

She gave me some good OWO, and I fucked her in a few different positions. A really pleasant meet and I would definitely recommend.


  • She looks very atteactive and very tempting indeed.
    Will watch out for her if comes closer to London

    Thanks for sharing

  • I had a dabble with this lass just recently. I was actually searching out straight girls and she appeared on Awork and upon seeing the cock it sealed the deal rather than put me off. I had a TS experience in Amsterdam about 15 years ago but other than that I love my females, normally. Comms were good and upon entering her appt saw how stunning she was, really sexy with a great arse. I only booked half an hour so we got straight into it and she didn't disappoint. She topped me and it was over pretty quickly. I must be quite sensitive to a bit of cock up the arse. Nice girl and I'll be seeing her again as soon as she hits town.

  • She looks great to me and like to try her soon
    Did you go for 30min or 1hr?
    How much you paid?

  • She looks great - tempted to give her a punt

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