TS Jenny Hammersmith


I was fortunate to meet Jenny today, oh my god from the moment she answered the door I knew I had made the right choice. Her photos are stunning but in the flesh she is more beautiful. The best figure and such a lovely person, gorgeous lips , soft skin. Long dark hair. Medium cut hard cock, WE played together. Very sensual then she fucked me very gently, aske me to fuck her but I had cum so couldn't. I will see her again as much as I can !


  • Hi how big was she?

  • Has anybody else seen Jenny?
    Very tempted by a visit as she looks gorgeous, but just wondered if there were any other reports back on her.

  • Shes about 6 inches , great body, nice cock

  • I went to see Jenny last week.
    Comms were pretty straightforward via whatsapp. Flat was a little pokey, but kept pretty clean and tidy.
    Jenny is very attractive. I wouldn't go as far as saying she is prettier than her pics, but not bad at all.
    Cracking figure. Soft, soft skin and a very decent 5-6 inches of cock.
    I was fairly nervous so, after a shower, she gave me a massage to relax me with some nice swipes of my crack and balls. I turned over and she lay on top of me kissing and rubbing her cock on mine. I was desperate to have her inside me so she lubed me up and very gently slipped inside me (plenty of encouragement for deep breathing as it had been a while!)
    after a while she was able to give me a really good fucking whilst wanking my throbbing cock and it wasn't long before I shot a load of cum all over my chest.
    A quick clean up, shower and chat and I was out of there. Probably just shy of an hour.
    Overall a pretty good session, but not my best. Would I go back? Possibly.
    Jenny is lovely and there's no clock watching or sense that shes not genuinely trying to give you a good time.

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