TS night clubs/ strip clubs

Hello, anyone ever been to a ts nightclub or strip club in London or England in general. Love to know and hear where is good and feedback. I understand currently no nightclub is open etc but just thought I’d ask who has been to one before


  • Hey MG, I am 95% sure that there are no TS nightclubs or strip clubs in the UK. If you're in London there are number of clubs you can meet with TSs, TVs and similar - these tend to be on one specific night a week, such as Wayout Club, Sweet Wednesdays, Legs100, Teds Place, Red Stairs party and The Bunker. (Google them). Most of them are good for sex action if you want it, but I don't think any of them could rise to the description of a "nightclub".

    Typically they are gay clubs or saunas repurposed for a night. Also, they are VERY hit and miss - lots of unconvincing older cross-dressers (so-called "welders in wigs") but usually a few diamonds in the rough too. Mainly amateurs but also a few pros.

    Best approached with absolutely no expectations, and then you may get pleasantly surprised. I have had a few genuinely fun nights there, in years gone by.

    Bombshell in Soho (downstairs from Ku Bar) does TS-friendly nights on Wednesdays, and is maybe closest to a nightclub feel. No sex on the premises though, AFAIK.

    I can't speak for other cities - any useful info? Also, as you suggest, none of the above are currently open.

  • Yes I know what you mean in regards to certain nights. That’s what I meant tbh. I like that look at that Bombshell place. Seen some photos and a mixture like you said but seen some convincing girls on Facebook page photos ????

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