Ts Bella review




Location: London Liverpool Street
Comms: good and speaks English well
Price:30 mins £100

Made me take a wash upon arrival that’s fine,then made me wait I was in her room for 20 mins while she disappeared. Blowjob was shit, very teethy and when I asked to suck her off she said she was too delicate. Anyway got round to fucking her and kept moaning that I couldn’t grab her ass/hips too hard.
Wouldn’t bother seeing, can see why she has mixed reviews previously
Definitely will go to another Ts


  • MaxMax
    edited June 2020

    100% agree with the above review
    Seen her few years back, (she has been around long time)
    First she was asking me loads of questions over the phone of how fit am I!!! and if i go to gym etc.
    Got around that and meet her, exactly as above review or very similar. Was not a willing service and BJ was shit. She wanted to finish the service within 10min and i got around to fuck her felt like robots

    Don't waste your time with her, pictures looks amazing and she is not bad looking but service and experience was so poor so not worth a penny in my opinion. Never will go back and i never did.

    Stay away from her, loads of nice options out there and go with those with reliable reviews.
    Generally this website is good platform but make sure you rely on number of reviews and not just one opinion

    Thanks for sharing this

  • I contacted her pre-covid. I got the impression that she is a flake with more than a few psychological problems. Just a read of her profile sends up a warning flag. Best to avoid.

  • MaxMax
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    As i mentioned my experience was waste of time with her.
    She was more into type of sports i do and how fit i am, before even meeting me, asking me am i going to gym, how often etc

    Even meeting her showed she is not up for this job anymore and she might need to pack it up soon, not up for the job.

    She has been doing it for too long

    I can tell you the picture by the pool is at least 10 years old if not more...

    that itself misleading

    Avoid at any costs i say

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