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New to this forum, and not normally active in the UK, but I am a regular visitor to Paris on business. So 4-6 times a year I sample the delights that are available there - and there are usually plenty. This somw thoughts from my visits over the past 5 years. Not sure when I'll go back so maybe these days are over.

I would recommend using this website: for your research. or niamodels, most of the same girls on both. Most girls seem to be Brazilian. There is often some feedback on escorts69 which is helpful (but to be treated with some caution as always).

Prices are generally €200-250/hr for the best girls, €400+ for outcalls. The lovely (but rather melancholy - maybe that was just the effect of an evening with me) Pamela Moraes described the scene as being 'complicated', populated with many fakes. She is right, there are plenty of truckdrivers with a wig and I've had a few dreadful experiences. Which is a shame for the rest.

Pamela Moraes - medium hieight, ripped body, nice tits. Prefers to top. Very friendly. Good french, no English
Flavia Sampaio - absolutley gorgeous. beautiful. Funny. loves sex any way you like. Speaks English, easy to communicate with. Also often to be found in Lyon
Aline Santos - sexy as hell BUT overly obsessed with hygiene imho. I don't want BB, but putting on disposable latex gloves as we get into it was a real turnoff. Still, I managed to keep going. Speaks French and is a nice person.
Jennyfer Satine (spellings vary). Tall, very tall 6'3"? but sexy, likes it both ways. The sex was exceptional. Speaks OK French, no English. really a nice person to spend time with
Jackie Dark - small sweet and charming. Passive very seductive. Check out her videos. only French. very GFE
Miss Marie - Pneumatic, more passive and very sexy. good English
Candice - Beautiful. If you met her you would not know she is trans, although she is tall, a little over 6' . Very sensuous and playful when I saw her but I have heard that she can be moody. Worth the risk! Charges more. Speaks English
Emma. An off and on presence on the scene. Tall and not really beautiful, passive. She really needs a shrink not a client but I enjoyed my time with her. Educated and perfect English.
Giovanna. Good English. Perfect body, totally passable very sensitive and versatile.
Bruna. I came too quickly to really enjoy my time with her - but she's attractive. French speaker.

My favourite was probably Jackie Dark. On the to do list there's plenty - Renata D'avila, Danyela Alves, Ruby, Elita, Nanda Carraro, Victoria Ruinart, Lily Ferrari (not sure I'm man enough if you know what I mean),

Less satisfactory - recently Nalissa Rodrigues (now calling herself Jacqueline) large and butch, others I have now consigned to oblivion.

Finally if you find yourslef in Paris on a Sunday night, there's Club Escualita. I usually go a couple of times a year. It's a pretty bizarre gig, all manner of sexual identities on display but fun and mad. Starts at 11pm on sunday, it gets pretty busy by around 4 am and closes at 6 am. The majority of Tgirls who turn up are I think south american but not brazilian - colombian, peruvian etc. As a tourist someone will certainly offer you some 'paid for 'services'. I have also picked a girl up there a couple of times (and I'm not young or good looking). There's another occasional club night called Drole des Dames (which is the French name or Charlie's Angels - I can't work it out), it looks a bit more upmarket, more French, but it's on occasional Fridays or Saturdays so I've never been.


  • one other thought. there's a guy who posts videos under the name naponap. he films himself with the girls.he's strictly a bottom but it gives you some sense of which girls are 'real'.

  • T girls in paris

    Thanks for this, and thanks for sharing
    Not sure what is exactly the point of your post as everyone here are from UK and beside not many people travel between the differe the cities in UK to see their relative and you expect people to make a use of site in Paris !!
    I really admire your enthusiasm and so much details included here but if people can't really use it what is the point!!
    Beside the price are ridicules and laughable 250 Euro for what exactly?
    I get the best girl here with fantastic service for fraction of price what do i need to travel to paris?!!
    Sorry may be i am missing something you can tell me but i honestly not sure what you are trying to suggest here!!

    Thanks for sharing though the club sound good but i never ever pay such a ridicules amount of money for Tgirls while i can have it right next to me for fraction of price in one of the best cities in the world (London)

  • bit negative. there is a section 'in Europe' so i thought i'd contribute, given the call for more review. but if there's no interest, i'll thank you politely and go my way. i would point out that a trip to paris is not beyond most people's imaginaion. as to prices there's a range - i don'dt do this very often and i'm happy to pay more, but i appreciate that isn't everyone. there's cheaper as well. still, i've benn told and i'll take your point and keep my views to myself.

  • Thanks for this Fuckmepink.

    While of no immediate need to use the info (I can’t even leave my house!!), I will certainly file it away for future business trips to Paris - quite how I’ll be able to justify a Sunday night away is another thing entirely!!

    Hey Maxxx, I do love your posts, but lighten up a little - I don’t see this as just a UK resource, there are international threads and have in the past asked a question about Amsterdam. Also I am partial to looking at other rated TS from oversees in the hope that we may see one touring in the future (I can dream!).

    I’d love to hear more recommendations from your trans-continental travels Mr fuckmepink... your little black book appears to be quite the resource!

  • MaxMax
    edited June 2020


    Thanks for your comments and glad you can visit this place...

    Almost 99% of people here like to talk about UK base Tgirls and not many people travel that much internationally and while that is really good to know but really is like a wasteful teasers for many people here with no relevant to activities in UK or a chance of seeing these girls.

    However i appreciate his enthusiasm and i respect that. But honestly not something many people will be interest 1000 miles away and with ridicules prices.

    Still good to share i agree but certainly not practical for many here.


  • what does it hurt to have other stuff? - if it's not relevant to you, don't read it.

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