What about this hottie? [Annita - Paddington]

I think I just had a crush on her... ;-)


Does anyone have info?


  • I saw her about a year ago. I wouldn't recommend.

    The good - She was (sort of) polite and the photos are accurate enough. She looks better in the photos but thats to be expected. She's well hung and got hard easily. The accommodation was quite nice too.

    The bad: I was basically a pump and dump (without the dump) for her which is not my style. Got down on my knees to service her and then she topped me in a couple of positions. Passionateless and boring. No kissing, No HJ or BJ for me, and no topping her. The little fella does usually require some stimulation in order to wake up, so he slept throughout the whole thing. I also didn't get the full hour I paid for, I was bored so I just wanted to get out by that point.

    That said, there is a review on UKPunting about her which is more positive than mine where the punter seems to have been more forceful with requests. So maybe she's one of the types where you need to put your foot down. Or Perhaps she was having an off day or I just wasn't her type, but I would place your bets elsewhere. The only way I would recommend her is if you are more of the slave type and get off on being used.

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