Kikka Devil, anyone has seen her?

I am kinda new and a bit nervous, I saw her photo and kept an eye on her for a while as she is totally my kinda girl.
Messaged her on whattsapp: first time she was busy and didn't take too much time talking to me but the second time she's been extremely nice.
Has anyone ever been with her? I really would like to try but don't want to waste my money if she's not as good as she seems to be.



  • Bigtool

    Sometimes you have to take a punt and learn from it and share it with others.
    It is nice if there is a review but that is not always the case.

    So if you fancy her just go for it and enjoy it mate

  • I don't know mate, it's my first time with a ts, I've read a lot about them, watched loads of porn and I know I fancy them but I am really nervous. Talked to few on the phone they kind of all say the same things, she is different. The first time she told me she was busy and didn't have time for billion questions which I found rude but in the same time genuine. Don't know how to explain this...the other sound like they have standard answer, she say it as it is. Second time I call she was so sweet. She remembered talking to me, which I din't expect, she has a wicked sense of humour and that voice...oh that voice gets me hard if I think about it. But she sounds too good to be true.

  • Bigtool

    I understand what you mean
    Perhaps it helps you to go to see tgirls for massage and HJ and start that way and gradually build up for other services.

    Specially if it is your first time that could be a good way. This girl in the link is not my type so can't comment on it but if you like her just go there and do what you are comfortable with..

    these girls seen all people with different experiences so don't worry if it is your first time let her to take control and stop if are not happy to proceed at anypoint.

    But starting with massage could be good option for you. I have heard Emma is good but not tried her yet she is on my list of do to visit.

    Anyway good luck and enjoy it mate

  • I guess I'll just book her and hope for the best

  • Go for it
    And let us know how you got on if wish

  • She is soo ugly what the hell

  • Sorry saying that but you should find a better tv at least

  • MaxMax
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    I agree with TsolverLondon 100%

    But didn't want to say she is ugly as i respect if this is what you like.

    However i suggest to look at AW in your area and see what else available
    If you still like the above go for it but she is not for me and i will really not touch her (even for free ) because she is not turning me on at all. But i understand people have different liking and i respect that.

    Good luck and enjoy whatever you decided to do

    Let us know here

  • Yeah, Max, why not respect what someone else likes and, Tsloverlondon, respect someone even if you don't like their looks? No need to insult two fellow human beings who presumably have done you no harm whatsoever.

  • Sort

    I said i respect her choice

    can't you read what i posted? Or you are on drug or something?!!

    Read people posts before jumping to posting garbage here

  • While you do state you respect his (I assume) choice you also agree "100%" with the guy who claims that choice is "soo ugly". What kind of respect is that? The other stuff you wrote on this thread seems perfectly understanding and respectful.

    @bigtoolboy's priority does not appear to be that his choice look like Ariana Grande but rather have a wicked sense of humour and a hot voice.

    I remember Nong Kluay had reviews which make me think she might be right up bigtoolboy's street as well but not sure if still around and btb didn't really ask for alternatives.

    In any case, from that phone call description I'd be surprised if Kikka Devil wasn't genuine.

  • Opinions can be given without being unkind/disrespectful. I even saw a post saying 'are you bent?' Bit silly here. Girls change how they present as evolve. I've seen some who are stunning in my view one day then a different look/style isn't so. It's the person really. Do you connect etc. With everything going on, I am really surprised and disappointed with some of the unkind comments on this site. We should be better than this.

  • Wise words Paddy!

  • Sort and paddy

    Funny to see some art of manipulations going on here with really very poor attempt which people are cleaver enough to not fall for these.

    Yes i said i 100% agree with the post because that is my true opinion, she is not my type and will not go for her even for free (i mean that) but i never said that to Bigtoolbou, at the same time if he sees something in her which he likes i respect that, that is nothing to do with how i feel about it these two are completely seperate views all together and to be honest i am surprised you have not picked up on that obvious point!!.

    I equally can't see the point of your post here other than complete ignorance of what i tried to say and to help someone here. Take a moment and read all my replies to him before starting to judge me here
    You have no idea mate,

  • Paddy

    You didn't have a case to rest it
    This is in your mind

    You just rested your egos

    Nothing to be embarrassed about simple apology will do.

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    Max, look through your own comments (See I have read your replies). You have accussed people of being bent, wired, on drugs, drunk. Why? Just because someone has a different view of yours? No need for that, respect everyone's views. If someone has a different view, they are not wrong. As an example, saying personally you wouldn't pay £180 ph is better than saying 'no one in their right mind would pay £180ph. You can express your opinion without being disrespectful. I expressed an opinion saying it's possible to be nice and true to form you snap back. This isn't an ego thing, I don't have to boss and comment on every post, I just believe we should be more respectful, exactly as I said and that isn't something I will apologise for.

  • Paddy
    Very nice and wise words and you have twisted some facts to help yourself which itself it shows you are not geniune in your intention.
    Lets stick with what it says here in this chat and how you responded.

    You have not obviously read my comments properly nor you understood my honest intentions of helping bigtool by actually encouraging him to go and enjoy what he sees best for him. This is respect and accepting different views despite being clear his choice is not something i go for. (Which itself is fine if that is how i feel about it)
    Then you come here and throw your rather pointless comments saying i have been unkind. Can you please in above post under this titile tell me where i have been disrespected anyone? So you just came here and attack me without any proper reason and i am still being kind to even reply to you.

    So please don't play an innocent here, you have been disrespectful not me and specially to bigtool who he shared something private here and you ruined it for her. Think more about your action and post

    And yes, you still owe me apology

  • edited July 2020

    Max, Believe me I am being very genuine in trying to make this site kind and I have not insulted you at all, I am simply asking you to be kind. You have accused some one of being bent ( deleted now it seems) 3 July, accused Jenny of being drunk, 2 July - said no one in their right mind should pay £180 for a massage ( could be said without saying people are not in their right mind.) 27/6 you accused some one of being wired, 27/6 you accused someone of being on drugs, 18/3 accused some one of being stupid & accused Alex of sniffing glue. I've not twisted anything here, these are your words, you can look back and see them. So there is no 'not reading properly'. You are helpful to people but when anyone disagrees, you have used the quotes I have listed as examples. That is not being kind. Happy to answer to any complaint Big Tool may have but I didn't comment on his message, it was TSLoverLondon who said she was ugly and you agreed 100% which I would suggest wasn't helpful to Big Tool & led me to request some kindness.
    There is nothing clever or twisted here in my request to be nice and it is impossible for me to twist your own words that everyone can see for themselves. Ultimately it is everyone's choice and preference as I said but I was asking for people not to be offensive in expressing contrary opinions. You feel otherwise so fine, continue to use the language you have used as quoted, again your choice.

  • MaxMax
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    Seems you are struggling here; specially with your quoted statistics and again seems adding your version of events and what was said totally OUT OF CONTEXT and MOST IMPORTANTLY without mentioning what was the other people messages to me which made me respond appropriately. This itself shows your are not geniune here nor this is fair way of doing it.

    Your qouted lines are totally pointless if people can't see or judge what else was said on those dates and times you qouted and see the whole picture and not the picture you try to draw for others. (Some very nasty words was said or directed to me and you failed to qouted those for convenience, all deleted now.

    What I said regarding Jenny that "she was drunk when send that message" was in response to someone else message and it was short line and it was innocent humour, seems you don't even have sense of humour either to see it that way. As you write more this becomes even more evidance.

    Everyone can go to Jenny tread and see my short message was totally harmless. Still there.

    Secondly you said i have been unkind, you don't even know me and you have no idea who i am and still based on couple of messages that i wrote to in defense of myself you have come to this conclusion.

    I am actually very kind person if i may say that myself but i will not tolerate bullshit (sorry to put it blunt) and when i see bullshit i respond appropriately. The other things i do is i never let people to be misguided by opportunists who have other agenda here. I share my experience (as i have done many times) in the most honest and kind and impartial way, but i say it as it is some girls may not like it but i will continue to do it for the awareness of everyone (good or bad, high or low)

    I feel honour you invested time to take those words totally out of context (not even accurate either), perhaps you should go and read what others wrote to me and qoute those too.

    In anycase you now owe me even more apology than before.

    Not sure what you tried to do here really worked only made yourself embarrassed not me.

  • Max,
    Can you tell me exactly what you object to in my post:

    Opinions can be given without being
    unkind/disrespectful. I even saw a post saying 'are you bent?' Bit silly here. Girls change how they present as evolve. I've seen some who are stunning in my view one day then a different look/style isn't so. It's the person really. Do you connect etc. With everything going on, I am really surprised and disappointed with some of the unkind comments on this site. We should be better than this

    I said it's possible to express options without being unkind/disrespectful.

    Agree or disagree Max with that view?

    I gave the example of you asking someone if they were bent simply because it seemed odd bearing in mind the focus of this site. Just an opinion but you took exception so you feel that's ok.

    I expressed surprise and disappointment with the unkind comments. I didn't name anyone, it was a general comment but you took exception.

    So therefore I take it you are ok with that language,

    I haven't used such language, I just tried to raise the standards of how we engage and you clearly don't like that.

    So fine, that's the standard you want to use. I will continue not to use such words, my choice, my opinion.

    You can take it what ever way you want but my points were simply those.

  • Guys, peace and love please...
    Anyway since no one seem to know her, even though I am nervous as fuck, I'll book her.
    Wish me luck :smile:

  • @bigtoolboy said:
    Guys, peace and love please...
    Anyway since no one seem to know her, even though I am nervous as fuck, I'll book her.
    Wish me luck :smile:

    Agreed & good luck, sure it will be fine, Max's initial comments were spot on, my only issue is let's be nice. With that in mind, line drawn & move on.

  • Bigtoolboy

    Thanks for your message,

    Just go for it and enjoy it and if you want let us know how you got on afterwards.

    Completely natural to be nervous if it is your first time, so don't think anything wrong with that.

    The most important is take it as far as you are comfortable, relax and enjoy your times with her.

    I am sure she is experienced enough to put you at ease and let you enjoy it.

    All the best and enjoy


  • Could not manage to see her yet: she seem always busy.
    She has two option: call her on the day wih half an hour notice or book her but booibg cone with a deposit which soud a bit weird...I am not giving aa single penn upfront to someone I don't know. Is that normal?

  • Bigtool

    This sounds wired to me,
    Will be best to talk to her first before concluding anything but i never hear of any girls taking deposit in advance!

    You go there and pay cash, not a penny upfront before you even see she is really who she is showing in the picture (which i am sure that is all Ok but still got to ask that question)

    In anycase you said you talked to her before, did you talk about how she wants to get paid ?

    Not a penny upfront; simple as that

    If asked for such a thing i would question it and never look back.

    Still keep your mind open till you talk to her directly and confirm what is going on and if that is the case.

    In the mean time look at other sites for options which are so many out there with some excellent services.

    Good luck and all the best

    Let us know if like second opinions about anything.

  • I can't believe it took me so long to finally reach her but I must say: a massive 10/10.
    At my arrival she was like extremely horny, I thought it was an act (spoiler alert: it wasn't) and felt a bit uncomfortable. She must have thought I was a pussy but carried on. Right after the payment she jumped on her bed and stared at me getting rid of my clothes while kinda sucking/biting one finger. The way she looked at me would have made the most expert porn star cum in his pants.
    Sex was insane, rock hard cock (can't understand why she only bottom) and naughty like she actually was the Devil himself. I came way too fast and apologised for that and she said I could take a break and cum a second time which I would have loved to but we spent the rest of the hour talking. She is extremely smart and her point of view about life is very interesting, also her sense of humour killed me. She apologised for the mess but that was the cleanest and most tidy flat I've ever been, I guess she comes from a rich family with high hygiene standards.
    And so far I only said positive things about her...I showed her this forum and my post and I know she'll read my review so...sorry Kikka but too many swear words. She noticed at some point after the hundreds f word that I didn't really like it and she said "Sorry, I have french ancestors" which made me laugh but...Kikka, you are the incarnation of femininity: clean that mouth and you'll be perfect.
    I 100% recommend her.

  • Very glad you finally managed a meet Bigtoolboy, and a good one by the sound of it. Nw you need to go back for a second visit and take your time :smile:

  • Bigtool

    How are you?
    Glad you made it to her finally and thanks for sharing the experience

    This is always valuable to have a first hand genuine review like yours.

    She seems smart and very experienced and i am sure you will enjoy it more next time you visit her as you have now broken the ice with her.

    Again she is not for me; but i am sure many who would like to meet her specially after your good review.

    All the best mate

  • Everyone has their own likes which is absolutely fine but she just looks like a drag queen. Not feminine one bit

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