Liah Ferreira


  • Hi,,,well after weeks of watching her jiggling ass I've finally got the time off to go to her flat which is in a very nice building,,,when she opened the door I was like sheeesh ur taller than expected but that's fine because I like tall girls,,,but also from the pictures I've seen of her is not how she actually looks,,,she was very high smoking t during my hour session which I thought was taking the piss because ive only been there 10 or 15 min sucking her cock which was actually lovely,,,then when she's fucking me she's going to stop and and say my ass was dirty,,,mind you I've been planning to see her for weeks and I cleanand out my whole shit bag for over an hour just so I cac can enjoy her deep inside me,,,so I shower quickly then said fuck it ima fuck you,,,so I'm fucking and she not letting me go deep and kept asking me if I want another hour ,,,so I wasn't answering cause now I cant and couldn't enjoy it because i just wanted to cum and go now,,,,out of 10 I will give her a 3 ,,,also I believe someone else is in her flat going through your pockets while you're with her because I was missing like 60 pounds when I left (because have to leave your clothes in the front room before you walk into her room which she then closes)


  • I've taken to looking at Instagram and Twitter/Snapchat when deciding who to see. You get the reality of pics smoking weed, drug pipes in the background etc. Sorry you had a bad experience. I read on Insta yesterday an exchange between two working ladies who said they were losing business because they don't do drugs. I've seen ladies high, can't get hard and it's never good. Long term too you can see the effects. I'm sure we are not alone in this experience.

  • MaxMax
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    sorry to hear your bad experience and thanks for sharing
    You are a paying customer and there is no excuse for this shit, she should be banned.
    Best to let others know as you did in multiple platforms that should hopefully stop this happening to another decent paying customers.

    Most girls are good and i rarely had your problem but when i do i always SPEAK OUT as you rightly did here. Not sure what you shared had anything to do with drung and only someone taking the advantage of your kindness.

    It is a tough times for everyone but this includes us... no one grows money on the trees and we also work hard for it so when it comes to enjoy it you should ONLY pay for the best service for your money.

    People should always be honest with their feedbacks but you should never holdback and always good to share it with others.

    Wish you a better experience next time and i will put the above on my black lists.

    All the best

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