Jennyfer Schultz - review

As I have been looking at her photos a few years now,I had to have a go.
Built up the courage as I have never seen or felt another penis.
Rang up arranged for 10pm and was given the address.
Once the door opened I was memorized to what I saw.
Still being open minded as it could have been waste off money.
But it wasn't.
Dressed in sexy tight dress,entered kiss on the lip.
Cleared up everything,as in I was first time.
She seemed to be at ease and insisted don't worry.
Started off slow touching kissing,I felt something bulging in her skirt.
She pulled my boxers down pushed me against the wall, started rubbing it between my cheeks.
Wot a feeling whilst kissing.
I could feel it was thick and long,as it went up down my cheeks,few slaps hard on my hole,then I had to turn around and see bloody hell that cock was hanging, couldn't believe my eyes,it was huge
She made me suck it and really went for it fucking my mouth for 10 mins.
That was it all our clothes come off deep kissing
She loves being rimmed deep and returned the favour,it felt amazing.
Now I could feel my arse was relaxed,she slowly fingered it,whilst looking at me,after half hour,she said I'm horny want to fuck your arse.
I was apprehensive, since I never had anything up there.
She took it easy bit by bit.
I can feel it thout wow that is one long cock
Once in balls deep she pounded me in every position possible,whilst dfk
I nearly passed out had to tell to slow down but she groaning like mad,so must been enjoying herself .
She was sweating like mad,now my asre was wide open she was slipping it in out hot spots I never imagined existed.
After hour she came on my hole.
We took break.Cleaned up, i thout that was it my hour was up.
Surprise she started kissing me again, insisted we go again.this time was better than first time,I was so wide she fucked me every position possible
Then it was my turn.
All I have to say what a site too see her massive dick swinging all over the place whilst I fucked her from behind.

She is hung and I couldn't believe how she can keep it up so long
Best experience as first timer.

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