TS Bia Cortez - Southampton Feb 2020

First punt since returning from Asia. Had terrible experiences in KL and HK espcially where u turn up at a hotel room and nothing remotely like any of the pictures and waste of time for both parties as you walk out.
Bia looked pretty good from her pics and a short reassuring video.
When she opened the door it was Wow looked much more fem and beautiful than her pics and smoking body. 8/10 as good as any I saw in Asia 
Paid the £100 for 30 mins and was pretty much down to biz. 
Oral both ways and mutual fuck. She was great both top n bottom. As is the way if the west wouldn't of cum for less than £300 for av Joe like myself.
She is a calm and quiet lady away from the bed and was having a real fun time.
Was relaxing on bed as she politely pointed out that's half n hour darling! Uhh.
If I had the cash I'd of stayed a couple of hours and been back again before her 2 weeks finished.
She has a twitter account easy to search and lots of little vids.


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