Nearest thing to LOL/ SE Asia in UK/EU

After 10 years living in bangkok and KL
Recently moved to the SE England.
Stuck with uk quality, prices and service :( :(
Can anyone recommend any place in Europe that might have you could go for a long weekend and not be paying £150/hr to hang out with fun sexy tgirls?

Probably long shot I know


  • Sadly I think London is about as good as it gets in Europe =(

  • Oh dear, been looking at a weekend in amsterdam or Berlin once the lockdown is over. ... Don't tell me to make do with the Way Out Club for EU talent lol

  • Georgie

    You will be right at the hot spot mate

    I have done both Amsterdam and Berlin both top in terms of options of what you can do.

    London doesn't even come close to them in terms of what goverment allow you to see and do. Not even close


  • edited September 2020

    Never went in the end but i thought it can't be right must be better in EU than london. I just cant handle handing over £150 and them not even cumming. Haven't logged in for a while so missed your comment Max. Might have another think about a Berlin trip after this lockdown BS.

  • Where did you go in Berlin Amsterdam Max?

  • Tony

    I was taken by couple of local friends so i can't tell you where
    But there is not one place , there 100s of tops places in Germany and it is just fantastic
    So look it up in Google and you will find few
    Check the reviews and you can't go wrong

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