Has COVID changed things?

Just wondering what everyone’s experience of the COVID crisis is re massage and other services and how, if at all, the girls are working?


  • Was going to ask similar. Can't travel, risk of infection so I'd say not or very few clients at best. No/reduced income, unlikely to qualify for Govt help so feel for them. Very tough times

  • Covid19 changed things not just for now but forever and many years to come.

    People out of jobs, economic uncertainty ahead, and i do feel for massage people as they are self employed and i doubt they pay tax so no goverment support sadly.

    The problem is even if things goes back to normal the prices have to come down as people simply wouldn't able to afford the service at high price.

    Anyway i just hope everyone safe and good
    Keep it together this will be behind us in less than 2 months; sooner than what people think.

    But the world will never be the same again
    We will start to appreciate thing we have and take for granted including massage services.

    Take care everyone

  • I agree with you, Max.
    This is going to change everything all over the world
    And I think it will probably turn out a better place to be in for it

  • I do hope you gentlemen are correct.

    I worry that some of the girls will be forced, economically or otherwise, into unsafe practices simply to keep business going. I agree Max, I think prices will drop.

    I dropped Jenny a txt to simply say 'thinking of you... and hope you stay safe.' She responded in her usual charming way.

    Hope all are safe and well.

  • Good of you Lemon. I'm paying a bit in advance to help out. Any practice currently is unsafe and no furlough or business rate relief going here

  • Thank you Paddy - thats amazing that you are paying in advance. Good idea. It's almost impossible to imagine the girls returning to normal work any time soon. Late July, maybe? Maybe even later. And then how comfortable will people be in engaging in intimate services if the virus is still, potentially, in circulation. I miss Jenny - should have seen her even more when I had the chance.

  • If we didn't appreciate before this, I hope we do now

  • MaxMax
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    Yes agree, not sure how girls survive because where they usually live/work the rent and rates are very high unless they have massive saving it is impossible to carry on (some of them do have good saving actually as income is petty good) .

    I really feel for those who can't get by; in this business the contact is so close and no one will risk visiting.

    However surprisingly i noted many girls are still working and seeing customers and still have active profile! ! Meaning they must still have customers visiting!

    Regarding Jenny; she is a top class masseur, look forward to see her again. However as you rightly said i doubt that would be anytime soon.

    She might be still working, but i wait.

    Even if lock down to be lifted still people hesitates to do massage for few months to come. Not sure how this would affect the price!

    Keep it safe everyone and take care

  • Hey Max... I think you are right.

    Even once lock down is lifted the traffic for most girls is going to be very light.

    Partly economically (people just wont have the same levels of cash) and partly because a good massage is a very intimate experience and Im not sure how many people would feel comfortable getting so close to a girl if C19 is still around.

    For example I adore kissing a cute girl as part of the massage expereince... but would I really want to to do that in the current climate. Sadly, probably not.

    Pretty sure Jenny isn't working on the limited contact I have had with her. I actually really hope she isn't... she is too beautiful to be putting herself at risk like that.

    I have to wonder at the good sense of girls (and clients) who are still meeting.

    Although understand that some girls simply have to work to pay the bills.

    It's a sad and worrying time and it will be a long time before things return to normal I suspect.

    Keep safe and well everyone.

  • Lemon

    Agree 100%
    To add to your comments some girls like Emma still working but her price remain the same which to be honest i a bit surprise. This means still people take a risk and go for visit, but they shouldn't really as risk is real and high.
    Perhaps once lockdown finish girls will start again with some safety and extra hygine measures in place.
    I can't see massage will stop a completely basically it is an industry with loads of people involve and they have to work out somehow.

    But i can see prices to come down, simply because it is not part of essentials ever days needs so people have to be able to afford it to go there.

    I think in a month or two they be back slowly with some restrictions in place of what they can offer.

    All the best and take care

  • And yes Jenny is beautiful and love to visit her again.
    Love to visit Emma also but she is far and only if she offer discount i consider as takes me 1 hours to drive there. After ease down of course

    I doubt these girls stay out of work for long
    These girls have very high running costs/bills etc.
    They earn good though
    :- )

  • Emily is also good
    She should be tried as she offers a different techniques
    Both very nice people and work from same building as Hermes will tell you.
    I tried them both

  • I spoke to Jenny today via txt. She is returning to work on Monday.

  • Is it safe to travel though?

  • Hey Paddy - I would have thought it was questionable and, as lovely as Jenny is, it's hardly essential travel. I know she doesn't live near where she works so can only assume she will be using public transport to get into London. I hope she stays safe. Easy to be critical of an individual's decision when not fully aware of their circumstances and how desperate they may be to work and earn some money. I said I would see her as soon as 'it was safe to do so.' Who knows then that might be. Hope everyone is staying safe.

  • Thanks guys
    Try to hold a bit longer and stay safe
    Don't risk it
    May be in few weeks things will improve
    Things will never be the same
    This includes massage, prices, offers the whole economy

    Love to visit Jenny again but i hold back for few more weeks.

    Has any of you gone further than a massage with her? Share your thoughts please


    Take care

  • PM me Max and I'll share my experiences with Jen with you.

  • How everyone coping with lockdown?
    Specially not able to go for massage
    I noted there are still few girls offering service but risks are high and i rather wait.

    The other question is around how do you think the prices will be impacted?
    I heard from friends even £50 being offered for the full service and 30min session with massage.

    So not sure things go back to how things was before for months to come. But i think placeses will start opening in mid June
    Simply they have to as they have to meet large bills etc

    Share your thoughts and views

    Keep safe

  • Has anyone seen any of the girls since lockdown? Wondering if services or prices have changed?

  • Lemon

    Thanks mate for the question

    I have not seen anyone as yet since Covid started but few of my friends have and they told me the prices have come down slightly

    however i anticipate going forward it will come down even further; the reason simply is recessions is ahead and while people still love their treats/massage etc but logically they got to be able to afford it and maintaining it.

    It is simple maths which hopefully works for both parties

    Girls still get their clients and customers stay happy and be able to carry on doing affordable massage at least till situation change again

    Take care


  • How is everyone?
    Any new recommendations ?
    New girls?
    I guess from kid June people start to gradually get back to new normality (still not the same as before)
    But it has been tough stuck at home

    If you have to pick only two top massuers t-girl
    Who would that be and why?

    Take care everyone

  • More recent comments of how much things have changed since corona and have people strated to go back for massage and more?

  • When I meet a cute girl - and as part of the overall erotic experience - I am a great fan of proper kissing. Not every girl offers this (totally respect that) but wonder what everyone thinks. Would you go for such a service given the new world order of COVID? Sadly - Im not sure I would. Although in the moment, and really turned on, not sure I could trust myself not to!

  • likewise Lemon...hard not to in the moment .

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