Anyone met with Amelia?

Looks super cute and just my type.


  • She looks lovely, but last feedback on AW is many months ago, so would be good to hear from anyone here with more up to date account.

  • Hey boys. Its you're girl Amelia.

    One of my clients told me about this tread :smile:

    You don't need an aw account to make a booking with me. My numbers on my profile. Because of that I barley ever get reviews, however one of my clients from my last London tour gave me a lovely write up you can read here

    I'm working Manchester atm but I'll be back in London in a few weeks.

    The dates will be on my profile when I confirm them xxxx

  • Thank you. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

  • Really sorry but judging ByUK punting website loads say her pictures do not justify and was very disappointed. Stubbly beard etc. I think it’s always good to hear what others have said. A couple of people went to shower and changed their mind and left.

  • matty

    My rule is simple

    You walk in, if the girl picture doesn't match or for any reason you are not happy with what you see just simply say goodbye and walk away...
    Some people shy to do that and think if they made the appointment they have to go ahead with whatever they get...BUT PLEASE GUYS stop doing that. Some fake girls (not many) taking advantage of you by posting fake pictures or OLD pictures so please just say bye bye and walk away this should teach them to stay genuine and post the latest and most recent pictures.

    I know one ts girl who is still in business and she is lovely but sadly she is stuck to the past and posting her pictures from 10 years ago she is scare to lose customers so i stop seeing her 5 years ago as much as i respect her i believe that is dishonest practice
    So you walk in don't like what you see just say sorry i can't do it and walk away and save your money for something/someone you enjoy

    This is my rule anyway

    Good luck

  • Exactly that and I just wanted to warn people before they book. 5 odd people on UKPunting said the exact same thing. Pictures on profile are so misleading

  • thanks Matty
    I agree

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