Anyone try this one? Marylebone Thai Spa

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Hi. wondering if anyone has tried
No pics or reviews yet so any info would be great


  • Hi Bloggs
    I went here the other week but only after did I spot the ad you linked
    This place used to be Thai Rose.Infamous for Thai grannies doing the deed
    It used to open till about 3 am
    I paid way to much for an hour. I believe it was £65 but I was curious
    The room was ok with a shower. It has been refurbed but not to a great standard.
    My therapist was Thai and around 40
    Massage skill was very good and hj offered.

  • Hermes

    As always; thank you
    Excellent information. I always said Hermes knows everything here. :-)

    Just curious; did you have to pay more on top of your initial £65 for the HE?

    I have been thinking to go to this one for a while but was not sure of the standrad and service. Specially quality of massage is important for me and will help someone fit and friendly do it for me rather than someone not interested which i do get sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing

  • thanks Hermes. So was your therapist a ladyboy?

  • My therapist was a Thai woman
    Max, I tipped her for the hj. She asked me if I wanted and to be fair to her she didn't say how much, she just left the tip to me

  • Thanks Hermes, as always very informative

    So they don't have a ladyboy?
    This is what i am interested

  • They do have ladyboys Max just I wasn't aware at the time I think Vicky may be something to do with this spa

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