Larissa Grande-Newcastle

Met Larissa last night. Had a great time. Wore a sexy pvc dress. Got her big dick out immediately, i put mine with hers in my hand and wanked us together then she asked for a cigarette she lit up as i was sucking her dick then i had a smoke while she was looking down. She finished the smoke then we got down to business. Condom on and she bent my legs back over my head and started fucking while i was sniffing poppers, after that she bent me over and done me from behind. I took a break to sniff some coke then I invited her to fuck again. She fucked some more then took off the condom and shot her load into my mouth then all over my face. Great experience! 10/10


  • MaxMax
    edited February 2020

    Sound like an amazing experience
    Not sure about the last part from health point of view but glad you enjoyed

    Any chance of the link to this beauty? She has a massive one,!

    Thanks for sharing


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