£150 the new norm?

Been reaching out to a few TS recently after a hiatus, about a year, and it seems they all charge £150 for 30 mins now....I know inflation plays a part but that seems a bit steep. Is this the new norm?


  • Seems high but 180 / 200 for an hour is what I pay.

  • Alex

    It is certainly NOT a new norm at all, not that is the case.

    Some agents pose here to promote this to be a new norm but it certainly not the case.

    Lots of respect for people who are doing this very hard job but let be honest clients pay well already i never heard of £150 for 30min!!! more like for 1 hour.

    30min still remains to be the most popular choice at reasonable price.

    All the best

  • Alex new norm is actually £60 for 30minutes for top class massage and HE. £80 for 1 hour. These are the new norms.

    Do a bit more research mate or tell your clients to revise their prices.
    May be you should charge them less and they pass it on to us.

  • Max you seem to have it in your tiny head that i'm some agent of TS...do they even have agents? You'd probably know seeing as you keep going on about it. Do some research - in London £150 IS the new norm, not sure what little backyard shed you live in

  • What sort of stupid person comes here and take intelligent experience people in this forum who doing this weekly to even think...

    Is 150 new norm?

    And even be more stupid to the point of suggesting this is for 30 minutes!!

    Do you live in koko land ?

    Wake up from your dream and do your stupid promotion somewhere else

    Or at least learn how to do it right

    Is 150 new norm?! LMAO


  • There is a range of prices for sure so all prices quoted are out there. Massage at £150 per hour is fairly common, others quote more but offer more up front in my experience.

  • MaxMax
    edited March 2020

    Thanks for your inputs and i think you have missed what this agent try to put in our head.

    please note he is suggesting £150 pounds PER 30 minutes NOT per 1 hour.

    And he wants to make this to be acceptable as new norm!! Lol
    Don't you think this sounds stupid to be a new norm? It never was and never will be (specially now the prices are droping like a stones)

    Guys at home lock with their family and beside no money to spend and keep the saving for essentials. Only few can do massage at reasonable rate, so really new Norm will be 70 pounds for 30 minutes with loads of extras. Massage with TS/TV alone will drop to 50 per 30 minutes i think with extras 70

    Just give it few weeks you will see that coming through.

    Thanks again Paddy respect your view but i think you missed what he was trying to pull here.

  • Hi Max,

    Calm down :-)

    I was just sharing my experience to add to the debate.

    Read what I said - £150 per hour for a massage is fairly standard in my experience.

    Others charge more but are offering BDSM etc. So different prices for different services.

    When we are all safe let's see who is still working and prices. Rents still need to be paid, ads on websites are expensive, so is lube, laundry etc. The Ladies are likely outside of any Govt benefit programme. This isn't an easy life at the best of times and currently it's pretty impossible with lockdown and infection worries even higher than before.

    I can assure you I am not an agent, I am a punter that respects those Ladies I see and in proper conversation gets some insight into the reality and it isn't easy.

  • Hi Paddy

    Thanks mate

    I never suggested you are

    Also i never said you suggested 150 is for 30min

    Please read again

    Thanks pal

  • Hi Max,
    No worries

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