Thai Weeda Ealing?

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Has anyone been to see weeda in Ealing recently?
She was based near the morrisions on Uxbridge road.


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    thai ladyboy best deep tissue massage. acton/ealing

  • Do you have a link to her?

  • Hi Capo, no I haven't as a bit far out so needed planning but want to so sorry to hear number isn't working. Hermes saw a while back I believe

  • Capo and Paddy

    The links you posted are very old
    Don't think she works anymore
    She had the best massage technique ever so i heard.

    Do you know where she might be working now?

  • Ask Hermes
    He knows everything
    :- )

  • Weeda is first-class for massage She was on Uxbridge Road in a flat by the Thai massage shop near Morrisons last year. The shop Jackie works in
    The photos are representative

  • Good to hear, it's not an easy thing so good to know still around

  • MaxMax
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    She is no longer around
    No one actually know why she suddenly stop working. One of my friends last seen her 6 months ago and had a fantastic service and around that time was the last she ever was active and no longer in acton area.

    Hermes is right she was working from there for years but no longer the case.

    I thought someone might know where she moved to as i certainly very much fancy visiting her.
    I actually was about to see her after my friend visit/advice but she was no longer contactable this was perhaps 5 months ago or so.

    That number and links posted above are all very old and no longer irrelevant


    Please let us know if you find out if she is working again and where, I am keen to visit her.

    Cheers everyone

  • Also good to know she is simply OK. Always worry when people drop off radars

  • Paddy

    I hope so too,

    Sometimes we forget how hard this job can be for some people at least mentally speaking and pressure can get to you one day...

    May be she needed a break from this, fair play to her

    She may come back fresher and more motivated or moved on to do something different.

    If you wise you can certainly save lots of money doing this, not easy but pays the bill for time off periods.

  • It's hard being the person you want to be in any case and in this line of work, more so. Totally agree Max.

  • Weeda has been my regular masseuse for a few years now. She was always dressed to impress, best massage iv ever had. Sorted all my problems in my back neck and legs. she has a amazing hands and skills. Her deep tissue was the best she wod walk on my back and release any tension i had. The last time i met her was around 9 months ago. She didnt look herself, after the appointment i asked if she was ok, she started crying we had a very good relationship. I helped her post adverts and showed her popular websites as her english wasnt the best. She had some problems with her boyfriend.
    I tried to contact her after but no luck, i hope she is ok.

  • Copo

    Thanks for sharing this
    Sorry to hear this,
    My friend was saying she was there in acton area for many years and then suddenly gone.
    I have no doubt she will be Ok.
    This is a hard job and may be she needed that long break and to reflect on his future.
    If she come back please let us know, i really like to try her, my friend also confirmed your experience of her being the best massage around.

  • fellas, could this be the lady you're seeking!

  • Also this number doesn’t work thank you jay. If any1 hears of her let us know please

  • Hi Jay

    Yes, she is the one but the ad is old and the number no longer valid; as Copo also confirmed.
    It is very likely she gone back home, even though she was here working in London for many many years...

    As Copo also said we just hope she is well and doing well wherever she might be.

    Thanks Jay

  • Hi all, I’m new here but saw this thread and can update ,Weeda is in Acton Town I believe , works out of the Acton Town Hotel near the station????. Well I saw her there about 1 month ago !

  • Thanks and good to hear. Good visit?

  • Hey guys also new here. Can vouch for this. Saw Weeda her end of january in acton and she is a true beaut. World class experience and went 10 mins over- a rarity! Lovely girl and felt a special connection.

  • Tomcat, andyr

    Thanks for the info

    Does she now have new advert/number? Which site?

    She has not been working for several months now.

    So was surpised people have seen here recently!.

    Please let us know as will be good to visit her if she is still around.

    Many thanks

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