Emma [Gipsy Hill]: best ladyboy massage in London (in my opinion!!!)

I've been thinking about meeting Emma for a while now, so as soon as I had a chance on a weekend I called her and agreed for an appointment (she only meets in the evenings on weekdays and on weekends during the daytime).

I have to say the experience far exceeded my expectations as Emma is not only a very intriguing and good looking ladyboy, but she is also extremely good at what she does.

She showed up in a beautiful oriental dress which made her look stunning and met me in a very tidy apartment in Gipsy Hill.

As soon as she laid her hands on me I understood that she knew what she was doing. The massage was really great and relaxing and it soon turned into a very exciting game. The way she moved her hands intrigued me in a way that I couldn't resist for long if you know what I mean...

I went for the 30 minutes massage with HE, but she also offers an hour-long massage and I'll definitely go for that the next time I meet her, which I hope will be very soon.


  • Sounds interesting... did she allow you to touch her?

  • Hi Mojito74, no touching was allowed during my 1/2 session. I don't know if she gets a bit more flexible when you book a full hour.

  • Ziggy

    Thanks for sharing,
    How much was 1/2 session?

    I am rather surprise she didn't allow touching,! generally if you ask this is Ok within 1/2 session

    For me it will ruin the whole experience if i can't do simple touching.
    She is just too far away from me, love to try her. She needs to travel to different part of London areas at least once a month.

  • @Max said:
    How much was 1/2 session?

    Hi Max, I think it was £40, but I'm not quite sure...

  • Thanks ziggy

    Was £40 included the HE?
    Price is not everything if quality is high. Sadly she is too far from me but i am still planning to visit one day soon.

  • @Max said:
    Was £40 included the HE?

    Yes, and it was a very intriguing one. She definitely knows what she's doing, both with the massage and with the ending.

  • When I visited her she offered a 1h massage (possibly with hj, can't remember now) for £80 but when I said I wanted to also suck her cock she said that's £150 for an hour. Which I think is fine as that's the going rate and because she's totally awesome.

  • @sortasubby said:
    suck her cock she said that's £150 for an hour. Which I think is fine as that's the going rate and because she's totally awesome.

    Makes sense, I also think that's a fair rate given her look.

  • MaxMax
    edited February 2020

    Thanks all
    But we all know what is the going rate for the service described above and it is certainly nothing close to £150 for 1hour.

    So lets all be sensible with what we post here and lets not hype up the price for what we all know is under £100 for 1 hour service with most top girls offering massage and HE and even Oral (sex not included).

    I noted with Corona virus news effecting every business out there causing slow down the massage business is no exception.
    As a results most rates have been cut till it picks up again.

    At least this has been my personal experience with some girls at the moment willing to offer some amazing prices for fantastic service. You just need to ask.
    Emma is amazing and she is reasonable
    So respect her and she will do you a good service, i am sure.
    Just wish she was closer to central/ west London which i would have visited her every week.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Definitely moved to the top of my to-do list!

  • But we all know what is the going rate for the service described above and it is certainly nothing close to £150 for 1hour.

    Most trans services that i see that are going beyond a massage with HE are advertised as £150 for an hour (on e.g. birchplace) and I have certainly seen that sort of rate confirmed by fellow users of such services on forums such as this. Sure a £120 here or there is possible and happy for you if you get it even cheaper!

  • Sort

    Thanks for confirming that was a going rate but no more
    I heard of those figures too
    But things have changed dramatically
    All you need is start calling around and not just watch the price on advert

    Some really good rate going on by top ts girlswho doing a top massage and HJ
    No harm asking for more you be surprise
    All about how they connect with you and how to treat and approach them

    But yes thing have changed since corona
    And will change for at least another year to come while economy is like this.

  • I meant to say "massage with HJ" (as in hand job).

    I can imagine things have changed since Corona, I haven't made use of any such service for ages as well, though that's down to me being a low frequency visitor at the best of times. Really only go when my wife permits me to. :)

  • edited June 2020

    @sortasubby said:
    I can imagine things have changed since Corona

    I can confirm nothing's changed after Corona... ;-)

  • Moji
    I can actually confirmed everything changed after corona
    Price, services, options, ...
    All better for customers
    But still girls are experiencing big shortages of customers and this will het worse sadly
    I really feel for them

    But noted many changed prices and services

  • Not only things have changed
    But will continue to change
    You have seen nothing mate
    Things are much worse than you think
    People have seen nothing yet sadly

  • Anyone recently visited Emma?

  • @Max said:
    Anyone recently visited Emma?

    Hi Max, I did... ;-)

  • Hi Moji

    How was it?
    Tell us more?
    How long you stayed and what service recieved?
    I heard she does a very good massage

  • Did anyone visit Emma recently? I'm feeling like it's time for me to see her again soon... ;-)

  • Ziggy
    Just visit discussion chat here and you will find lots of in-depth reviews with good details
    No point of repeating what is already there
    Including my own comments about her


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