• She is a real deal
    But my observations says heavy photoshoped which is generally not a good sign
    Again my personal take please don't get offended
    After all if we can't express our honest opinions here then what is the point!?

    I am sure she is good but pictures look fake to me

  • Her pictures are edited alot however trust me when I say this she is absolutely stunning in person way better than the edited pics. I had a good hour session, she was one of my first few so many years ago, beautiful face nice tits and a decent sized cock

  • Dee

    I believe you
    Could she get it up?
    Sometimes they are too busy and they don't even get hard desoite the pills

    So perhaps she worth the punt

    Anyone else been with her?


  • Saw Zelda this week. Filipino not too tall 5'6" 1.70m. Perfect English, very polite, small flat in London but she was just visiting as lives in Birmingham. Price agreed upfront via WhatsApp no haggling. Super soft skin great breasts and medium cock. But knows how to take care of her guest. Definitely recommend. Looks exactly like her photos with some very minor photo shopping - she is very nice

  • Hey MV. She's been on my wish list. Does she top as well as bottom?

  • She was bottom only - maybe it was me LOL but I think she could do too if you spent more time - I was in a rush ????

  • Mv

    How much for your session?
    How long is short? 30min? 1 hour?


  • She charges £160 an hour, £110 for 30 minutes. (Incall). It is on her profile!

  • I haven't seen her recently but I've seen her a few times in the past. Nearly 3 years ago now though. I don't think she likes to cum too many times a day, and doesn't feel like topping if she's cum not too long ago. Could be a hormone thing too.

    I stopped seeing her because she's not consistent. But that ass of her can take a pounding though. And sometimes she likes getting dominant. That's when she's at her best imo. Because she's not exactly GFE like Natalie or Belle. She likes it rough, in both being top and in bottom. If you want some good hard relief, then she's your girl. If you want a nice session with a couple of pops and chat in the middle, then you'll be dissapointed.

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