Patty Lady Boy Near Liverpool Street Station

Hi All
I've seen Patty a few times now, was waiting to see a review pop up bit no one else seems to have been to see her.

First visit was for a massage, I asked for concentration on upper back as I was very tight, she took time and the massage was good.
Checking to see if it was too hard etc, rest of body followed including sitting up with her behind me for neck etc (was pretty nice).

Turned over and thighs and chest followed, then I was quite surprised to receive an unrequested (but very welcome) HE!

Second visit was much the same with the exception of a little extra for some mutual OWO...very nice indeed (small but perfectly formed as far as she is concerned).

Third visit I went for a B2B massage, this was great, similar start but both naked, then she does the B2B bit, this quickly turned as you might hope, with what I can only say was a mutually very enjoyable experience, I think she got very hot (or at least is a great actress) and finished before me, she was acting as if she didn't want to but kinda went with it and then enjoyed it all the way.

All in all a very nice and natural experience, I will be back for sure!

Patty's english is ok although not excellent, she is very clean and smooth of course.
i took a shower after which was also very clean and she is very attentive to cleanup and making you feel comfortable, no rush at all. I paid for 30 mins and was there a good hour (of course I tipped heavily).

Very near to Liverpool street station, easy communication first by phone then txt. All in al a great experience, good massage and lovely person.


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