Natalie Young review

I saw Natalie earlier this year’s-Court-

I was particular taken by a photo on her ad dressed in a short black skirt and boots. Comms were easy, she was based nr Earls Court.

When I walked out in I thought wow! She was dressed exactly how I’d asked, like her pic! She is taller than you think, I’m only 5’8 however. I remember as I walked in her asking me ‘did I like?’ Referring to the outfit she was wearing, I just said oh yes and she did a Wonder Woman style pose, it was just really sexy!

The meet itself flowed, we kissed and sucked each other for a while, my skills have obviously improved as after 15 minutes sucking other she came. We chatted for a bit, she’s a nice person to chat too, and then she asked if I wanted to get fucked. She a decent size but not overly big so agreed. I was impressed she could go again.

So with me on my back she gently eased into me, I don’t bottom often but it all felt comfortable and she looked, kissed and smiled at me throughout, once in she was still gentle picking up the pace gradually until I came.

It was a great meet with a really sexy ts, she looks like her pics for sure. Time spent 1 hour, £150.

I’d highly recommend for those who like Asian trans women!


  • What a gorgeous looking girl - great review, thanks

  • I saw her maybe 6 years ago. She is beautiful.
    I think I need to revisit

  • MaxMax
    edited November 2019


    Glad you had a good times
    She could go again because they usually on viagra. So don't be too surprise by that

    She looks nice
    I hope her cock works Ok
    How big was she?

  • I had an awful experience with her. She buzzed me into her flat and the first thing she asked me was, was I high? Bearing in mind I had just come from a meeting and was 3 pm I said no. Then the penny dropped, I wasn't but she probably was as she asked me the same question about 10 minutes later. I took a shower and we got to the bed. I tried to make small talk and she looked at me like I was an idiot. Long story short unenthusiastic session resulting in me getting up and getting dressed... beautiful girl with an atrocious attitude. Perhaps the worst punt of my life.

  • Damocles

    Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear this
    So you didn't stay for her service despite you paid her?
    Did you have sex with her or just HJ?
    She look tempting but after your comments i never consider it with her


  • Hi Max she tried to give me a hand job but it as like she was sawing a log... i just got up and got dressed and left... she is a very good looking girl but her attitude was just awful.

  • Damo

    Really sorry to hear that
    People like this should be banned permanently;
    I will pass on the massage to other platforms and my friends and make sure she will be avoided at any costs.

    You should have tell her to F.. off and ask fot your money back before leaving, must have been a terrible experience.

    Once i had the same issue and the girl thought i am scare of calling the police and stayed there till she returned my money as no service was offered and she was disinterested doing her job. Most girls are good and they go beyond their ways to make you happy.

    Stand your grounds and don't let them to get away with poor service.

    You deserve good service for your money.
    If any girls think they can't offer service customers deserves then they should not be doing this job.

    Now days social media is so strong and these people will be identified quickly

    Don't lose home and try the others some good girls with fantastic services out there

  • Correction...

    "Don't lose hope and try others".. i meant

    Sorry i am typing from rather small keyboard on my phone and sometimes hard to get everything right.


  • Max Belle in Paddington is a favorite. Very very attractive sweet girl... seen her twice now and each time is better.

  • I have been thinking to visit her
    But she has some tight rules and prices which so far we couldn't work out the visit.

    How much you paid if i may ask and for how long?
    What was included in service?

    Thanks for sharing

    I like to visit her but she needs to loosen up a bit and be more relax :- )

    Thanks again

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