Vicky ladyboy massage

I wrote this review on another website but felt I should write it here as well.

Vicky was my first lady boy experience.

As soon as i reached the location and Vicky came to open the door, i had an instant boner. She was so beautiful. If i saw her in the street i wouldn't believe that she was a ladyboy.

She took me upstairs to the room and told me to undress. The massage was good and very professional. I was very relaxed.

Soon i started feeling up Vicky's legs gently. I noticed that she was getting an erection, so i put my hands into the shorts and stroked it. I was feeling excitement from just simple actions. I pulled her shorts down and sucked her cock. I hear her moan and i'm thinking to myself that I must be good at this. Afterwards I rimmed her arse and then she decided to sit on my face whilst she strokes my dick. I wanted to suck her again, so i turned her around sucked her till she cum'd. She then wanks me off till I cum'd.

She noticed that despite cumming, my boner hasn't turned to a floppy yet. She asked if I want to cum again and I said yes with enjoyment. She was shocked that i can cum again so soon. She wanked me for a second time and I cum'd. She offered me a shower and then I left.

I haven't see Vicky ever since but I have seen Jenny who also provides massages at the same location. Jenny is also amazing(seen her around three times)


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