Luma Marques -Marble arch

Visited earlier in the month, Luma was a little late for the appointment due to some issues with her new flat, which she is still unpacking, she welcomed me with a long and lingering kiss.

Looks wise Luma is exactly as she appears on her profile photos, she is just a touch shorter than myself at around 6’2 and looked stunning in lingerie.

I am not very experienced and so started slowly with a massage, she slowly worked her way down and rimmed my ass before rolling me over and sucking me.

She then pulled aside her panties and released her cock which she then threw down my throat, she was the perfect size for me not massively long but thick.

Things progressed to 69 and then me topping her, before I bottomed for the first time (she was patient and reassuring throughout)

She was very talkative throughout which for a novice like myself settled nerves and had a great range of conversation topics, in the end I stayed for around an hour and a half so she is defiantly not a clock watcher, I had the feeling throughout the appointment that Luma is more naturally a dominant girl.

I have no doubt that I will be back to visit again, and would highly recommend Luma especially for those who like tall Amazonian women.!prettyPhoto


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