New member here - keen to share and learn


I'm Rob from South London. Always loved a lady with a bit extra and have been fortunate to spend time with about 10 so far..

Some amazing experiences and some very poor ones - I will try to review from memory and make them relevant.


  • Hi Rob .. welcome to the board!

    I have posted several reviews in the past, however I'm going through several months of "budgetary restraint" so can only watch for now. Hopefully after Xmas I can start to post again. In the meantime, looking forwrd to whatever you are able to contribute :-)

  • Snowball

    I understand you
    How do you control yourself ?
    This game is not cheap and sometimes you can lose track of finance
    But of fun is great providing you stay in top of your finance doing this costly business of massage/visit etc

    I am considering to slow down but it is hard

    See your story of new visit after christmast

    Have a good one mate

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