Pornstar Chriselle in Soho, Give it a Go! Worth it!

I’ve decided to make another discussion since I think it’s unfair to Chriselle with the negative comment someone made about her because she’s a lovely girl and provides an amazing time within her options. If any of you haven’t gone to her. You should! She’s better looking in person, give good massages and extras if you want for an extra cost. Google TS Chriselle to see her stuff. I know she has Instagram too at tschriselle69 and Snapchat at tschriselle of course I followed her. She’s hot!



    Kevin, I agree.

    Chriselle is a sweetheart and her hands are incredible! If you want a relaxing massage with extras - you should call her. She works Monday-Friday until 11:30-19:00. She's busy so make sure to book her as soon as you know. Her slots fill up quickly because I missed my chance with her a few times then finally was able to see her. She's better looking in person, her pictures don't do her justice. She always wear tight black leggings, black top and lingerie inside to keep your imagination running. She starts with a relaxing massage and extra is extra. Don't be cheap guys! Give her a go, you won't regret it. You'll only regret not seeing her! I will see her again in two weeks.

  • I have been to Chriselle and she’s great. Her pictures doesn’t do her justice because she’s better looking in person. Her pictures are nice, but in person.... WOW! Make sure to book her at least two hours in advanced because she gets busy. At least when I tried to book her, she’s always busy. She’s tall, slim, nice perky boobs, nice arse, a nice shecock. She can definitely work her magic. She gives really good relaxing massages. She can’t do deep or hard massage, but if you like a relaxing massage, she’s good! She’s a nice girl. She has four options for extras if you want extras. Definitely try her. If you don’t want extras, at least try her for a massage. Make sure to tip her for a basic massage at least.

  • i had the pleasure in meeting chriselle today and i agree with you all that she is worth it. i wish i had brought enough with me to experience it all, but i told her i will be back for more and will bring enough next time. thank you all for your reviews of chriselle because it made me want to see her today and glad i saw it. she definitely know what she is doing. she is a professional no doubt.

  • Ok. First time I have needed to step in
    graham581,kevingatewood9, Daniel_W354, and POconnor69 I can see you all share the same IP address. So you are either all the same person or different people all in the same location
    Any more blatant touting and I will ban you all

  • Thanks Admin
    I always thought these people are the same or somehow agents working for her. It was oblivious.
    So i am glad you are taking action,
    Many thanks

  • Thank goodness for an active and observant admin. Much appreciated by this innocent punter!

  • Well done Admin - Thanks

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