Spain - Barcelona 12/2017

Monica :

I found her on and sent her a message. I could tell her English wasn’t great but it definitely was better than my Spanish. We agreed €150, top, bottom, oral without and cum in mouth. She sent me her address.

She greeted me in wearing a robe. She didn’t look too different from her pictures. Her English was just as good as my Español.
We got in a small room with a bed, a cupboard and a chair. I asked to use the facilities to freshen up a little. She checked the hallway and told me she’s checking for her housemate.
So back in the room we went down to business. Her cock wasn’t as big as it looked in the pictures, but it was 6+ and thick. A bit of foreplay and we gave each other a nice blow. I deep throated as best as I could. Everything was great. Then she wanted to fuck me and who am I to say no to a pretty lady. On with the condom and down to business.
She started nice and slow, but soon picked up steam. She did fuck hard and fast. She really was good at it, it felt amazing. After ploughing into me for 20-30 mins she pulled out. I asked her about my turn to fuck her but she wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. I asked her and she said she doesn’t like to be fucked. She had done a great job being on top and I didn’t really wanted to do it if she wasn’t gonna enjoy it. I like hard fucking and if the girl isn’t enjoying it, it doesn’t do it for me.
So i laid on the bed while she tried to cum. She was having trouble, but not because of lack trying. So I told her just fuck me some more and then she made me cum while fucking with a handjob.
So yes she wasn’t as big as it appeared in the pics, I didn’t get to fuck her and she couldn’t cum. But I was still very satisfied. She was a great top, I can actually say one of the best I ever had.


  • Ivete Montello :

    I had read some good reviews about her too. She used to live in Madrid. So I arranged a meeting.

    She looked pretty much like her pics. Her English is great so it was nice to have a conversation with her. We got down to business. She has a big, thick cock. But its one of those that didn’t get rock hard pointing up.

    She was giving me a great blowjob and fingering me, which made me cum. So from there she didn’t want me fuck her after I came.
    She then fucked me slow. But i like my cocks rock hard. So after a few positions and stuff, she came.

    We sat around and spent few minutes talking. Then I left. Wasn’t the best but not my worst either.

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