Mel Bittencourt

Visited Mel recently, and wish to offer a warning - she charges £200 for an hour or £150 for half. I opted for a half, and whilst we top'd and bottom'd, but no climax, she stopped after 20 mins, and became very aggressive


  • She looks amazing

    Will call her soon

  • 150 is too much for 30 minutes!!

  • Anyone seen Mel lately?

  • Bighorse
    Sorry to hear your experience
    You should have get your money back
    Don't let them to use you and not provide service.
    Thanks for reporting it,
    Her price is rediculus!!

  • I had a very similar experience unfortunately.

    Communication was not great as her English is not too good. We agreed a price and thought she looked cute so went with it anyway.

    Very nice flat in Central London, although not the clearest in terms of directions.

    Went downstairs, first thing she asked was do I want drugs, I said no. She then preceded to make herself some concoction. This should have been a red flag. She then wanted to go to the bathroom for another 5 mins. She came out, started kissing then after 5 mins and a bit of sex she got stressed and then aggressive and being abusive. I asked for money back but she was going mad, saying see what happens to you now you have been here for ages, most of it without her in the room. In the end I just left and as I was walking up the stairs, a door was open and two very large guys were standing there (clearly ready to turn me over if I had protested too much).

    Looks wise, she is not 20. She is small but overly muscly. She was quite cute but defo more manly in real life.

    I have never had a bad experience with any trans, so never thought to post, but this was so bad I had to.


  • Mel has just returned from Brazil after cleaning up so hopefully has moved on unless this was in the last few weeks

  • This was in the last week

  • @jacub123 said:
    This was in the last week

    No change then, sorry to hear

  • I met yesterday in Kensington it’s was teribble !!!!
    She was so bigheaded selfish !
    Never again wasted my money. As we agreed on the phone once I paid She refused to cum Never !

  • So sorry to hear your experience guys
    She needs some teaching lessons
    She will be banned on multiple platforms
    I will make sure of that through my contanct.

    Red flags and means no matter how tempting the pictures are don't fall for it

    Thanks for sharing your reviews

  • I tried to visit her yesterday. Initially she said she was available, then all of a sudden said she wasn't interested - no reason given - I hadn't even met her! Totally bizarre behaviour. Suspiciously, her "leave a comment" on BirchPlace is disabled. Strikes me as a bit stroppy, conceited and arrogant. Definitely dodged a bullet there I think.

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