Thoughts on Naughty shemales

Anyone any experience with any of the uber hot looking ts ladies on

They have a massage filter which highlights some amazing choices (Ryan Modi, Victoria and Natalia WOW), but all reviews on there look like they are written by the same person...I hope I’m wrong.

Anyone wanna share? Do they do a cheaper price for just a massage? (Ok...maybe more than a massage but you know what I mean!)


  • A lot of those girls have been around a while and regularly change names and photos.
    I have used agencies in the past but with a mixed bag of success. Much prefer the massage girls and she what transpires. In my experience, the price isn't dropped if you just want a message

  • Thanks (again) Hermes_Pan... you have quickly turned into a good influence!
    Would there be any of the individuals you remember positively from your experiences?

  • I would go for the left-hand side one of "double troubles"
    A few of the others are familiar but I couldn't be sure
    There was a very hot young escort in Earls Court that I saw a few years ago but name escapes me

  • I am curious about the agency as well. I am coming to London for a few weeks soon and have been looking at several of their ladies. In the double troubles comment do you mean the girl on the left hand side of the picture. Also any other recommendations at other agencies or independents. I am looking for outcall around Heathrow

  • She looks very interesting. Any of the ladies you would not recommend? I will be in London for a while so I was hoping to meet a few different ones.

  • Kelly advertises under multiple profiles in birchplace, some with completely different photos. She's been around for a long time. I've seen her a few times, and she's a bit hit and miss. Lately she's just jaded. More of a miss.

  • Thanks, Oberyn Any Asian girl at the moment you would recommend?

  • Sorry mate. Don't know. At the moment. It's like all the good ones have left.

  • Are there any other agencies that you would recommend? There appear to be lots of Brazilian ladies on Shemale.UK -- are these legit?

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    I have been considering visiting TS Eriko and Britney female as a duo for a while. I was wondering if any of you have had experiences with either. I would like to book the both as a duo but-as always-Do not want to turn up to be greeted by people completely different people.

  • I have looked at the girls on this site for a while, I am glad some one has asked the question.
    I am really interested in seeing TS ERIKO and BRITNEY female. Being apprehensive I was hoping for a review on either of the girls. However as there is not I may well write my experience of the liason between us.

  • Do any of you know where all the Asian TS who used to populate London have gone?? Most of the reliable agency websites are also down.

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