Hamburg - St Pauli

Recently been on a stag do in Hamburg. We stayed in the Reeperbahn area in the St Pauli district. It’s just one massive red light district, it has everything there on full display brothels, sex shops, strip clubs. Prostitutes are everywhere it’s crazy. Anyway we arrived early checked in and we all went for a wander. The road we happened to go down there was a small park next to it and there was a tall Latina transsexual stood there, clearly a prositiute. Friends was joking about her and I thought I will come back here later. After a heavy day of drinking and being absolute steaming I headed back to this area around midnight the road is called ‘schmuckstrabe’ and it’s only a short road. On one side you’ve got a small park and on the other you’ve got a massive block of flats and what did i discover the windows each had t girls in looking out wanting your business, it was unreal. They all was Latina, ones I spoke to came from South America. The road does look a bit dodgy but the whole of reeperbhan does to be honest just keep your whits about you and try not to look like an obvious tourist. There is a bar underneath it too called bar tarvena it only opens late but t girls are in here as well can have a drink and get chatting. It’s great. Anyway I went in there and got chatting to a Venezuelan T Girl called Roxanne she was about 6 ft my height and had a massive ass and boobies. Her face was stunning but she was a really curvy girl (depends on your taste) after a drink and chatting we went in to one of the rooms in the block of flats. The flats are very basic with bed and odd bits of furniture not the prettiest but clean and felt safe once in. I paid 40 euros and that was for oral and gave it to her as well. Her cock was massive. I went back and saw her again the night after. I really want to go back. I would defo recommend visiting this area.

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