Tara Tong

Thought i'd share a review of Miss Tara who i think most will agree is a particularly gorgeous girl. https://www.massagemeinlondon.co.uk/profile/thai-ladyboy-tara-tong-2093

Met her in earls court area a while back now, but here was my encounter.
Looks 9/10
Flat 5/10
Comms 9/10
Massage 5/10
Service 8/10

All arranged over text, £150 for an hour with a massage and anything else required. Promptly given the address and jumped in a cab to earls court.

I was met at her door with a kiss and shown to her room where i provided the cash. She left briefly, giving me a moment to get over the walk up the few flights of stairs and steady by no doubt obvious nerves.

She returned and f*ck me, she looks incredible! Slim, 5'9 i'm guessing, flawless skin, full lips, her English was either poor/average or she didn't fancy chatting, but she confirmed i'd like a massage first, to which i agreed. She then walked over to me, wearing a black silk nightie and leaned in for a kiss, slipping her tongue straight in. she was an amazing soft sensual kisser, we stood tongues caressing each others for a minute or two as she pressed her perfect tits against me and i felt her smooth tight bum.

She began to undress me, which was a lovely touch (rather than that awkward getting naked moment in front of them trying not to fall over as remove your socks ;) she slipped off my suit jacked and undid my tie and shirt, assisting with all my clothing. Her nightie now undone revealing her tits and thong. She again kissed me passionately pressing her growing cock against my now exposed body.

I nearly forgot the massage part but i do enjoy a good massage so reminded her. she grinned and led me to her bed asking me lie down on my front and fetched the oil.

i must admit, the massage was more a back rub, i don't know if she didn't fancy doing it or just wanted to get to the fun bit but it wasn't quite as pro as i'd wanted. HOWEVER, feeling that sexy body, legs either side of my body, she slipped off her thong and i could feel her cock pressing against my arse. i hadn't been looking to receive that day but she pressed against me, cock on my arse, tits on my back, slid up and down on the oil between us before leaning into my ear, kissing and licking my ear and neck before whispering "let me fuck you". Her 5/6 inch cock aching to get inside me, grinding and pressing against me, i couldn't say no and pressed my arse against her to show my consent. she put on a condom, lubed me and her up before sliding inside me, gently pushing bit by bit until she was inside. i am very inexperienced with this and it did hurt but every so often she'd lean over and kissing my neck and ears, caressing me with her tongue and i couldn't help but want to let her do it.

After a short while of grinding into me, she pulled out and asked me to turn over. i did so, now face to face with this beauty, she lent in and slipped her tongue once more into my mouth, the feel of her cock massaging and grinding against my own felt amazing. all consuming, wrapped up in this Thai beauty as she kissing, and slowly ground against me, her hands massing our cocks together, making small yet mind blowingly erotic whimpers as i kissed her neck.

She then slid down my body kissing and licking as she went before taking my now hard cock into her mouth. those full lips and slippery wet tongue made short work of me as i came in her mouth.

A short moment of relief, she didn't lie back down with me, which i like, but stood up, grabbed a wipe and cleaned us both up. i stood up, dressed myself and shared a brief tongue filled kiss before departing back into the sprawling London day, everyone around none the wiser.

Definitely worth a visit if you can. massage skills poor, but everything else great.


  • Tara

    I have seen her once
    She had no idea about the massage and as you said was more of the rub
    But HE was great and she is amazing not cheap

  • Seems Tara no longer working
    That is a shame because message aside (which i don't recommend) she was super hot and sexy

  • I have seen her - she was a great fuck..social skills not so much but I was not there for engaging conversations

  • Was this recently? Looks amazing

  • About a year ago Paddy

  • Some people say Tara is back

  • MaxMax
    edited September 2019

    Tara doesn't have a clue about how to do massage.
    But she has a nice dick and very good fuck,
    Don't go there for massage go there to fuck her, most amazing ass i ever seen and tan and tonned body

    She is designed for fucking

  • I think she is gone now
    But they always come back

    I recommend her for full service not a massage
    She has an amazing body

  • Tara is gone now
    She was amazing
    Hope she comes back

  • edited November 2019

    Max, you said Belle looks sick. Her size is 10. Tara is size 6. What is your standard?

  • Great question Belle lol

    Delighted you have challenged this Max cow, she seems to be a bit of a loose cannon.

    You are a well reviewed SP not only here, but on HA reviews - I value your input.

    Max made a very big deal about being herself posting a lot, getting her posting numbers up - just have a look at how often she responds to stuff that had been dormant for 2 months or more before she respionded......it's obvious to me that she's a troll

    This is a very young site, and it will take time to weed out the crap, but let's start with the obvious trollers

    Belle, thanks for your input x

  • Saharah

    With all your respect i am HE and not SHE
    So get that right mate
    Beside please go to TS-Belle threads and see my reply to this point.
    Hate repeating myself
    Yes wedding up the crap perhaps has to start with your junk messages here.

    People express their opinion as they wish
    It is not for you to decide what needs to be said here or not.

    The point of these site is the opening chance to people to communicate their experience and their view and not for them to put each other down.

    Beside who do you think you are to decide what is right or wrong?
    Let people decide

  • Darling Max, you're welcome
    You are such a little pussy
    Any time sweetness

  • But to get back to the real thing
    Belle has asked you a very good question, and we're all waiting for you to answer it

  • MaxMax
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    Please shut it and go back to your cage where you belong
    People like you don't even deserve a reply not sure why I bothered though!

    love to see you in action little sissy

    Anytime any place my hero bunny show me what you got

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    If people are going to start arguing in public like this it will kill these boards quicker than anything.

    Can we please keep opinions on the subject matter, make them valid rather than knee-jerk reaction and keep the personal attacks out of the boards?


  • Filthywilkins

    I 100% agree with you
    It was this clueless sissy boy who started this not me.
    I respect your view and totally agree

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