TS Sindey (Birmingham)

Sindey is a Thai TS based in Birmingham, but tours the country a fair bit.


I met her recently for an hour while she was in Maidenhead.

First impressions were not great, because she led me into an appartment that was almost pitch dark (not just in the hall, but the other rooms too) and asked me for the money straight away before talking about anything else.

Once the lights were on, looks wise she has a great body although her face looks more masculine.

She gave me a fairly lengthy massage while I lay on my front, and briefly tickled between my legs although only for a few seconds. The she turned me over and rather than any pretence about continuing the massage began sucking my cock and then motioned for me to suck hers.

The sucking continued for a long time and while it was OK, it wasn't meant to be the main event. I had to mention to her if she wanted to be fucked and she nodded her head. She handed my a condom rather than putting it on herself and then let me fuck her doggy style for a bit and seemed to enjoy it, although she stopped very abruptly and then pulled away, ripped the condom off and began sucking me again. She did have a very tight ass - opne of the tightest I remember fucking.

Next, I once again had to ask whether she wanted to fuck me. Its rare that this happens - normally a TS either asks you at the start, or they are fairly good at guessing what to do next from your reaction to what they are doing from my experience. So she put a t-shirt on (not sure why) to go into another room to find another condom. She then fucked me missionary and although the start of here cock was wide, it tapered as you went down it, so didn't feel as big as I expected.

Once I came she wiped me down with tissues and it was fairly clear that that was it.

I got dressed (was never offered a shower) and then left.

All together I was tere for 50 minutes.

I've had worse, but I've had far better too. There was no chemistry there at all. No french kissing and I felt like I had to direct every move otherwise she would have still been giving me a blowjob an hour later.

Body: 8/10
Looks overall: 5/10
Experience: 5/10

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