Yaya KissKiss


Her place is halfway between Baker Street Station and Marylebone station, so it's quite convenient to get to. Has showering facilities.

She's not the cheapest at £180ph. I paid another £20 on top for her to cum.

She looks quite cute. She's tallish at 5'7 or 5'8. Her tits are the superfake bolt-on type, but still soft to touch. Not the biggest nipples, so she's probably not on hormones. She looks nicer than she does on most of the photos. Probably this one seemed the most like in irl - https://profiles.birchplace.com/new/directory-media/1037523/conversions/D01F1902-461A-402B-9C52-3BAB7832367E-large.jpg

Her cock is probably just about 5 inches, and quite skinny. So I suppose she'd be pretty good for newbies to bottoming. It does get hard, and she can cum. She said she doesn't really like to cum more than once or twice a day.

So after handing over the cash, I went and had a shower. When I got back she was in a babydoll, ready for me. We kissed a bit while i fondled her cock. She's not the best kisser in the world, but it wasn't just closed lipped kisses either. She does the thai thing of tongue flicking as soon as you stick your tongue in her mouth, like an 80s porn movie. But I could feel her getting hard, so I pulled out her cock and sucked it till it was hard. We then got onto the bed where she sucked me for a while. She has the perfect blowjob lips, but she wasn't really taking it in too deep. She was switching between sucking the top and giving me a handjob. So I took control and started going all the way to her throat. She seemed fine with that, so I basically held her head and fucked her throat for a bit. There was a tonne of slobber on my crotch by then. She then just looked up and said she wanted me to fuck her.

So we switch position, and on with the rubber. She asks me to start slow. After a bit of slow strokes, I start getting faster and deeper. We switch a couple of positions, but stick to mostly on her back, fucking her and stroking her till I cum.

After that it's her turn to fuck me. Also with me on my back. She fucks me like this for a few minutes before telling me she's cumming, so I tell her to come up to my mouth. I start sucking her while she's also wanking it furiously. There were a couple of decent spurts, and it also tasted quite nice.

She then gives me a very basic massage for a few minutes before I fuck her in doggy. This time I was pounding her really hard which she was taking like a champ.

Overall a decent punt, for the sex, but she's not chatty. So if you're into GFE she's not your girl. She's also not full on PSE either. For that I like girls that like to take control a bit. But she's still decent. The price is a tad high though.

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