Not in London any longer, but well worth seeing again if she ever returns.
For those who don;t remember her, Dada was afro-thai. A lot of the time you were thinking that looks wise she could have been from the Caribbean, but her mannerisms were at the same time very Thai still.


I met Dada in the middle of the day. She is in a very centrally located apartment.
When she greeted me at the door she looked absolutely stunning & when she turned round, to put some music on, the rear view of her pert ass in a cute thong just made it look even better.
After a quick shower, I rejoined her in the room. She first showed me her breasts, which were pretty convincing, with small firm nipples. I was struck (as others have mentioned in other reviews) by just how soft her skin was.
Dada's skin is a lovely dark colour - and it is hard to keep reminding yourself that she is half Thai. This aspect of her is more evident in her petite build though & in some of her mannerisms.
Once I got lower down, Dada's cock was revealed & sprang out of her panties already very hard. I sucked it & she soon joined in sucking mine (and did a very good job of it). She then proceeded to rim me before asking if she could fuck me.
Her cock is a reasonable size - big for a Thai, but not exceptional if she was a Brazillian. She lubed up & then proceeded to fuck me in a number of positions & showed me just how well she knows how to use her tool. I then asked her if she wanted me to fuck her & she giggled, while nodding her head. She bent over on the bed, giving me a great view of her cute butt & I gently eased myself into her.
It was clear from the way that she was reacting, that although she is happy to be a top & does a good job of it, she gets more enjoyment out of being topped by someone else. I fucked her long & hard, before sitting astride her & coming across her beautiful breasts.

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