TS Escort Pretty Zelda

Saw Zelda this week. Filipino not too tall 5'6" 1.70m. Perfect English, very polite, small flat in London but she was just visiting as lives in Birmingham. Price agreed upfront via WhatsApp no haggling. Super soft skin great breasts and medium cock. But knows how to take care of her guest. Definitely recommend. Looks exactly like her photos with some very minor photo shopping - she is very nice - https://profiles.birchplace.com/new/tszelda


  • I agree
    Certainly very temping
    Is she now in London?
    How much you pay if i may ask?

  • She went back to Birmingham she said she would text when she came back to London - I will let you know if she does - she asked for £160 and I gave her £200 on arrival so no debate later about extras :-)

  • MV

    Thanks mate

    Not sure why you pay 200 if she asked for 160 upfront!! To achieve what exactly?
    While that is nice of you but not sure if this should be encouraged specially the first time and you have no idea what services you get.
    I have no problem spending fair money even more if service is excellent on second go but goving 40 extra on the first go while is a personal choice i don't think this is really something right to do.
    At least for me and many others

    So no, she gets what she asked as long as fair not any price she wishes and specially if it is unreasonable.
    It is not about money side at all
    It is all about the principle and fairness and what feels right.

    I get a bit suspicious about your post and your motivation here!!!?!

    All the best


  • Your problem Max not mine enjoy your life. At my age you will understand life is better when you tip someone be it the bar or restaurant or hooker. If they don’t respond accordingly you don’t go there again - might be worth thinking about ....

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