Ladyboy massage

Has anyone tried ?

I have a feeling it may be Jenny & Vicky but not sure.


  • Not yet but looks good.

  • 100% them, theyre fantastic

  • I got in touch with them but it seems it's massage only - £180. Seems a bit much for just massage...

  • I had a feeling it was vicky and jenny. £180 is a bit much for a massage. I wonder if they still have a 30 min option

  • Seen Jenny before Vicky feminine / pretty ??

  • Yeah agree with @Jay100 Both of them stunning you can't figure out if they are ladyboy if you see them on street.

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    Yes it is Jenny. (Pretty Ladyboy London)

    Here is the menu:

    ????Hello there.????
    ????Quality over quantity

    Service rate
    (No hidden charge)

    ????=: Location:=
    1mins walk from
    "Tottenham Court Road Station".

    ❓=: What’s included:=
    Both naked , Full body professional relaxing sensual massage plus happy ending. Prostate massage on request . You’re allowed to touch & feel me. Regularly checked 1000% safe &clean due to strictly play safe.

    • I am stunning and convincing Thai girl.
    • First impressed with sexy outfit.
    • Your special fantasy pls ask.
    • Your fetish please tell.
    • Work from 11AM to 8PM
    • Serene and Private venue
    • Air conditioning room
    • Shower facilities.
    • Discreet service

    ❌This is not a full service! I’m not escort.
    ❌Can not provide any pic due to the privacy reason.

    If you’re interested pls confirm me what time you’re willing to come .

    Thank you

    That’s all I do"

  • £180/hr for massage and HE?!!
    Is he really joking?
    I get the top class shemale which give me good massage and sex and everything for £150/hr all included and i can also see the picture and quality of what i get . So this is a rip off completely.
    Avoid at any costs.

    1 hr service for what she is offering is £120 at most, stay away i say she is fake

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    Hi @Max

    I’m so sorry for your thought that I am fake! From your previous comments It seems like you have a lot of problems with many girls on this site.
    You may think we all won’t come and see your negative comments here!!

    Firstly, The prices that i have charged is qualify for what you will get. As I said quality over quantity. I have been in this business for a while ago with lots regular clients. Who happy to pay in this rate. If my service not meet your requirement you can just ignore it.

    Moreover, you haven’t had and arranged the services with me before. Because I remember all my gentleman clients. I’m pretty sure once you have come you will never say this .

    Wrong justice with low standard and attitude is not a good comment!!!

  • Tgirl

    Thanks for your message,

    everyone entitled to their opinion and i am sorry you feel mine was unfair.

    I actually get on very well with all the girls even those who have their own rules which is always reapected providing both parties are happy and agreed from the start of the session, where i have problem is when someone try to be cleaver to cut your time or not offer the service promised (that is fair, right?)

    i have not seen you and might change my mind if i do and i certainly hope so but i really can't see myslef payiing 180 for one hour massage and just a HE!! Simply wouldn't happen; even if you are the top of the top in your class in terms of your looks or services, the price doesn't make sense if this is only thing you offer.

    I might have misunderstood and if you offer more under that price then please explain? I just go with Cosmocat post above.

    I am glad you have loads of clients coming to you but i doubt they pay 180 to just get massage and HE for 1 hour!!

    Please note money side is not a problem at all for me, it is more matter of principle which lead me to write and share my view.

    I like to try you and i am sure you be great but unless i have some clarity of what i get i am afraid can't see that happening for that price. I don't need to see you to have this view, and this is nothing against you.

    I am sure my view is shared by many here, some may come out and acknowledge it and some may not.

    Thanks for taking time to share your view with me here.

    All the best

  • I agree with Max. i did see you a few times years ago when the price was £100. It was great and sexy but would not pay £180 for the same service -which is a shame as if it was less I would definitely come back

  • Each to their own as far as i'm concerned - some see better value where others don't and i enjoy seeing them both -

  • i used to see yuniko but she isn't in London right now most probably left the country
    she was the best service wise & price Wise
    120 1 h & 30 min yuniko

  • @Kuroguy said:
    Has anyone tried ?

    I have a feeling it may be Jenny & Vicky but not sure.

    Anyone been here recently. Wondering if it’s still a ridiculous price at £180. I would love to visit her but that price for a massage is robbery

  • I visited Jenny one evening a couple of weeks ago.

    Lovely sexy underwear for the massage. As Pretty as always. Things only got sensual on the turnover. But she was very welcoming of my attention and finished me with a lovely HJ. Pricey but very satisfying

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