Ryem wow!!!

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Hi everyone and thanks for this potentially great resource.
I to am an ex HAer.I reported on Wasabi over there and although she had her ups and downs she was my all time favorite
I tried a few other agency girls since she left but no one impressed me
Then I saw an ad for Ryem on the now seized BP
Ryem is independent and has an apartment on the south end of Warwick Road.
It's clean and tidy and very comfortable.
Ryem is beautiful and IMO a lot better looking in the flesh.
Without a doubt the best looking girl I have met.
I stayed for an hour and it was a mutually satisfying experience and one that I will be repeating.


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    Thanks, Hogarth.I found this page for her and her selfie pics are great.
    http://sexytsryem.com/ I will be making an appointment soon

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    I saw Ryem the other night and I must say I was mightily impressed. I would say she is late 20's and very beautiful indeed.Ryem is very easy to converse with. Her English is great and she has a very sexy voice. We started with the massage but tbh that didn't last for long. She was gradually removing her clothes as she was massaging me and had a very cheeky way about her. I couldn't wait to turn and see her body. And a great body it is!!Ryem is someone I will definitely return to see again. 5 stars from me

  • I saw Ryem again this week. I think she is the most beautiful TS in London without a doubt. If you saw her walking down the street you would think Wow what a beautiful girl
    Which is of course exactly what she is https://www.massagemeinlondon.co.uk/profile/ryem-thai-ladyboy-2080

  • One on my list for sure, whats her massage like, i do enjoy a good massage!

  • It's emmmmmmmm ok. The few minutes that I've had till things progressed. If you ever meet Ryem you will understand

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