TS Patricia Lombardi - Liverpool Street - Review

Here is a review from the first massage I had with Transsexual. This time, I was very nervous, very keen and eager and like a kid in a candy store. I understand Patricia is still active and am considering a return visit. This visit was approximately five or so years ago but hope the standard is still the same.

Background - I was going through another site, looking for a massage. For a few weeks before hand I had been toying with the idea of having one with a TS lady. Just the appeal of a woman with amazing breasts also having a cock really excited me and thought i would go for it. I went on this site and found someone local, someone who was feminine (might not be an issue for others but I do like a feminine TS) and also had good breasts (again just a feature I like but not a deal breaker). I came across Patricia and she ticked all the right boxes so thought why not. Called her up, booked the time and then got ready. Showering before hand, I was trying hard not to get too excited. Decided to just go for it so headed out.

Location - Clear instructions given by Patricia, easy to find. When I pressed the buzzer and headed up I was met with a finger inside the door way beckoning me in. I walked in and first thing which hit me was Patricia herself. I cant remember exactly what she was wearing but there wasn't a lot of it and was just blown away from Patricia. I then also noticed how amazing her apartment was. Clearly Patricia does well or has another job which pays amazing but it was one amazing house. Shower was offered and taken. When i went into the bed room, bed was nice and firm and porn playing on the television. Didn't really need to watch it but it did help.

Event - asked for a massage and then to have her help me explore her body, which Patricia was more then happy to do. Massage was given but I don't remember the details, put it down to nerves and excitement but I do remember that part didn't last too long.

Fun stuff - This is where Patricia shined. During the massage, I definitely could feel Patricia's very firm member in my back. She kissed softly on the back of my neck and rolled me on my back. The massage went right out of the window as she pushed her cock into my mouth. I do remember there was a lack of conversation, to be honest I don't speak with my mouthful and everything just flowed. After a lot of mutual oral, Patricia took over. I am naturally a sub so this suited me. She rolled me on to my back and rubbered up. Now the thing that I found out, and fast, is that a dick is much bigger than my finger, and no matter how used I am to using my finger a nice thick plump cock is completely another thing. Lots of lube applied and I was ready, but Christ, I couldn't take it. Patricia tried and was gently whispering to me, reaching between my legs to give me a nice gently stroke. I can say I managed to get her inside of me but couldn't handle it. She was very good about it and laid me down, straddled my chest and just face fucked me till she cum on me. I was cheeky and asked if I could take pictures of me sucking her and also with her cum on me which she allowed. Then she gave me an amazing happy ending with some oral and some gentle slapping my my shaft and balls. After I exploded, I showered and left. Walking home happy and content that I had managed to take a cock for the first time, although for about three to four thrusts and that I also sucked a cock for the first time.

Overall - if you like a woman who is dominant and you enjoy receiving, I couldn't recommend Patricia any higher than I can. She is near the top end of the amount I would be willing to pay but I enjoyed it. I hope this pandemic ends quickly as after remembering and writing this review, I would love to have another go.

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