Queen Emma

Here is my review of Queen Emma massage!
Phoned her up on the Friday and said I wanted to see her Saturday. So phoned her Saturday to confirm. Phoned her 1 hour before just to confirm I wasn’t messing her about. I must say she didn’t seem that interested on the phone. As though she couldn’t be bothered but she will do it as it’s money for her. That was slightly annoying but decided to go ahead with it anyway.

When she opened the door I must say she was fucking very sexy! Proper hot! Again was as though she was tired and couldn’t be bothered. Payed her £100 as said I wanted a proper massage and a good edging!!

She did have a funny personality but the whole “she was tired” did annoy me slightly

Anyway now the massage. Was a very good massage- really went hard and deep on my whole body- she slide my cock under whilst I was on my front and every now and then grabbed my cock gently! That was lovely and just got me more horny. She done that a good few time’s and also this mad technique where she was almost squeeze and twist. Now that was a really nice sensation.

Then she eventually asked me to turn over whilst doing these made techniques to edge me and I was all of a sudden rock solid. She put loads of oil on my cock and began wanking me off but edging me really good. Pushing her finger on just below my arse but not actually in it which I didn’t want anyway. That felt nice. Playing with my balls. The eye contract was constant. I say up and started touching her inside of her leg which she let me do whilst she was wanking me off. But she wouldn’t let me touch anywhere else as said normally she doesn’t let first timers touch her. Anyway got faster and faster and bang. The best orgasm I Have ever had. She kept pumping until every lady bit of cum was out. Unreal orgasm and she just made eye contact whole time.

Would I see her again/ only if she wasn’t in a tired mood as it slightly made the whole experience not as good but the edging wank was out of this world so I think I would give her another try


  • Matty

    I actually agree with what you said
    Finally i managed to see her and paid £60 for 30 minutes but touching was limited which to be honest for HJ and massage and not able touch and pay more i don't recommend her at all. Massage was good and i enjoyed but she was strict with touch unlesd paid more which in that case i spend that money many other places with far more options
    So she seriously needs tl review her price range moving closer to centre will also help she is not easy location to reach.

    Overal i agree with most of what Matty shared here and thanks for giving some really good derails.

  • Glad you got to see her, Mattygibbsy & Max!

    I'd like to reiterate what I've said before: To my mind Emma is amazing, well above average, and she charged me I think £150 for the hour which I didn't negotiate on because that's what most tgirls on birchplace advertise and I knew from this forum that I'd be delighted - which I was.

    She's cheaper for massage with only a handjob but as she explained to me if I want it to become anything more sexual e.g. with sucking her, then it's the higher rate. I thought that was fair, still do.

  • Surely for £150 you fucked her right?

  • Hehe. No, my wife wouldn't allow that.

  • So what did you get or do for £150 mate

  • Sort

    Thanks again for sharing but just as much as Matty i am very curious what service you received with £150 in 1 hour and not have sex either ?
    Or perhaps £150 was a typing mistake ?!


  • I had a massage with Emma this Sat..
    Polite by nature, gorgeous looks, smiling face..Emma is awesome!
    As for massage..I guess ‘human touch’ is best felt than descibed in words.
    Thank You Emma!

  • Nice one. How was the edge then and out of interest did you touch her

  • @Mattygibbsy @Max
    £150 did include the option of intercourse but we found other ways of keeping ourselves entertained. I don't regret paying £150 at all and would happily do it again.

  • Sounds like you had a lovely time. Perfect!

  • @sortasubby said:
    @Mattygibbsy @Max
    £150 did include the option of intercourse but we found other ways of keeping ourselves entertained. I don't regret paying £150 at all and would happily do it again.

    Mate she is amazing. See her again. I managed to get her really hard and she loved it. No intercourse apart from her fake pussy????. Did she do that for you. Was actually really good

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