Seems like new Thai place !


Has anyone tried this place?

Seems interesting and not sure if they offer extra or at least HJ with the massage

Not sure i have seen it before unless they changed the picutres..

Let us know if you have been to this.



  • Hey Max - she looks cute. Love pixie cuts. Ive been to Rupert Jade before for a CIS massage. Its one of the better Thai massage places Ive been to. Girls are attractive(-ish) and the rooms are small, but tidy and clean. Usual prices for such places, cant remember exactly, but around £30 for a 30 min massage and then extras are offered at the end for more. Nothing more than HE and a little mutual feeling up. Usually about £60 - £80 to get them naked. No kissing, no oral, nothing more. Never had a t-girl there when I went before (which is a shame - as she is cute!) She might have to be my first dip back in the water post COVID!

  • Although does say very plainly 'no sexual service' which they have to say for legal reasons... doesn't mean there isn't anything on offer... but might be limited. Personally dont mind that as long as there is SOMETHING on offer. Preferably more than just something... ;)

  • MaxMax
    edited August 2020

    Hi Lemon

    Hope you ok
    Thanks for your comments, this is very useful information to know from someone with first hands experience for this place

    When you say £60-80 for HJ is that on top of £30 or is it included?

    Because otherwise will add up to unrealistic figure for just massage and HJ.

    I am ok with £60 to £70 to include HJ for 30 min and specially as one off and if service good go back.

    Will call them and will take it from there

    Seems only one TS working there at the moments but she looks ok.

    Thanks again

  • Think it was £40 extra on top of the £30 for them to get naked and give a HJ. Little light touching, breasts sucking, nothing to much. Be interested to know if the T-Girl would get naked, get hard and allow touching and sucking... ;) When you going to try her?

  • Thanks Lemon
    This place is not the best access for me so got to go when i am there for business or something which i am hoping to be soon.
    West side of London works best for me.
    Even north London
    But will arrange to visit for sure
    Thanks again

  • I might able to try her out this Thursday afternoon? My head is telling me... COVID! But my dick is tell me something else...

  • MaxMax
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    I say go with your dick :-)
    And enjoy...
    I shall follow shortly :-)


  • Like that has NEVER got me in trouble in the past... ;)

    Ive I see her Ill feed back here.

    I am in desperate need of some cute t-girl action.

  • Found this from the might Hermes

    April 2018
    Kanya(Thai) at Rupert Jade in Soho
    I think I first met Kanya 3 or 4 years ago.Then she worked at Asian Touch on Shaftsbury Avenue and I think I saw her twice there
    Kanya is the girl in the photos in her advertisement
    I saw this ad and thought the girl looked familiar but couldn't place her.
    Anyway I made an appointment for 1 hour at a cost of I think £50
    The receptionist showed me downstairs to the room was really was very nice indeed.There was a shower in the room and a mirror the length of the massage table along one wall.When Kanya entered the room I looked up and I realized who it was.I thought the name was familiar.She remembered me which was a surprise and after asking how hard I wanted it the massage started.Kanya is quite muscular and her massage is strong.When someone works in a spa I think what goes on in the room should stay in the room but I remember tipping her nicely although I think she would have liked a lot more nicely.Kanya has a nice personality and is good at what she does.Worth a try.

  • Thanks Lemon,

    This is very helpful and good digging
    Where is Hermes now days
    Not seen him for a while
    He really had an excellent and accurate reviews and hope he is Ok and back and sharing those with us

    Also look forward to get your review on this or anyone else you might visit and i shall do the same.

    Seems everyone back in the market, however at the same time people watching their spending and pocket with recession hitting us globally. But then again you got to spend on your happiness to carry on, these things are part of well-being :-)

    All the best

  • Decided to take a rain check on a visit to Kanya - was sorely tempted, but the COVID boggy man is still looming too large for me. Maybe in a couple of months time. But Max, do let us know how you get on if you have a go...

  • Did you ever get round to trying this place out Max?

  • hi Lemon

    Sorry mate, just seen your message

    No, i haven't got round it yet
    Had other commitments
    Will let you know if i visit

  • Did anyone see Kanya in end? Or could sometime tell me how she looked in the flesh as think I want to give her a try. Seems sexy from photos. Hope happy ending ain’t too rushed like some do

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