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  • The only way to book her is through her OnlyFans. I don't think she escorts the conventional way any longer.
  • Online you could try Fabswingers, Birchplace or Grindr. Once things open up a bit more, you could try one of the TS clubs such as Bombshell or Wayout.
  • She's pretty but I agree with Tony. I'm considering seeing Zelda: https://trikz.co.uk/escort/ts-escort-pretty-zelda/ Hopefully she hangs around in London for a bit.
    in Xin Ashlee Comment by hermano May 2021
  • You have to contact her on her OnlyFans to arrange bookings. But last time I saw her rates online, they were extortionate - £800 / hour region. If anyone has seen her up to date rates, I'd like to know too.
  • She appears to be online on Grindr a fair bit. Don't know if anyone else is using it, but I see her on there a lot.
  • @Paddy said: True ????. Although saw Danny B today and it's not UAE. Thailand for a holiday and then back to Brazil. No other plans Ahhh haha... Was just asking on the other thread.. Whereabouts in Brazil is she from?
  • @Paddy said: Saw Danny today. She leaves on 24th. Absolutely looks as per pics. So feminine apart from her tool which she uses expertly. I take it that's a positive review from you? Is she off to Dubai as well?
  • Yes, exactly. I subscribe to her OnlyFans though and she's fiiiiiit
  • You can always count on social media
  • Thanks for the info, Paddy. How do you know all this?
  • I've never met Angie for sex but I ran into her in Club Egg once. She's quite tall and as fit as in her photos. Guys were swarming her. I reckon she would be a good punt.
  • Quite a few girls are heading to Dubai for some reason, particularly the South American girls...
  • I've only met Nira out of all of them.. nothing special to report back. I'd love to meet Sasha and Dolly, I reckon their services are worlds apart..
  • Sorry to sidetrack a bit, but you mentioned UK Punting. What is it with that site? Why is it not possible to register?
  • Sweet! That's one I'm very excited to hear more about.
  • Great! Keep us posted, Paddy. Is she more top?
  • Let us know how it goes with Danny. She looks like a great top!
  • I've met Campbell but it was through Grindr when she was in London. She's very tall but fit and a big cock - I'd say 8 inches. She can seem a bit cold at first but she opens up after a while. Her tits are not as great as in her pictures. But as I sa…
  • I agree with Snowball, very hit and miss. I've been to Wayout, Ted's and Bombshell and out of the three I would say Bombshell has the prettiest girls. I've had great nights at Wayout and I've had average nights at Wayout. Ted's is mediocre in my opi…
  • Ted's a decent place - been there once or twice. I would say that the girls that come there are typically British or Asian. But that's just my experience.
  • Is she still in London? Would love to see her.
  • Has anyone met Danny Bendochy? Of the Brazilians, I would recommend Gabriella De Carvalho: https://trikz.co.uk/escort/ts-pornstar-gabriella-de-carvalho/ Or Marcella Hills, if you're after a bottom: https://trikz.co.uk/escort/ts-super-mod…
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